Offbeat partners: Carson & Isaac

Date and location of  wedding: Mendon Ponds Park, Rochester, NY — 10/13/2021

Our $500 Wiccan micro-wedding at a glance:

Isaac and high are high school sweethearts. We decided a week before our 7th anniversary we wanted to get married on our anniversary date. A wonderful friend performed the ceremony and went above and beyond to bring everything together. She planned the entire ceremony from the flowers, to the location, she even got our photographer.

I made the handfasting cords and blessed them myself. I never wanted a white dress, so I went to Free People and found this beautiful blue dress that made me feel like a goddess.

We always knew we wanted a micro-wedding, so we only invited our immediate family, and asked our very closest friends to be our wedding party. We honored those that could only be there in spirit (like my grandma who passed 5 years ago, Isaac's grandpa who only passed 2 months prior, and our unborn baby as I was 27 weeks pregnant) by having their photos on our altar. It was small and spiritual and honored us both exactly how we wanted.

Tell us about the $500 Wiccan micro-wedding ceremony:

The officiant did a smoke cleanse of the space before guests arrived. At the altar was a cloth, anointing oil (lavender, lemon, and rose quartz), and a handfasting cord.

Here is a bit of the ceremony script our officiant wrote for us:

Officiant: I haven’t known Carson and Isaac for a long time, but the time that I have been able to spend with them I can see their strong love for one another. I came into their life by chance, but because they each have such a welcoming heart, I was given the privilege of knowing and observing these two as they work together through some large life changes, like their future child for example, whom I already have started preparing a drawer full of gifts for by the way. When I heard about their wedding today, only a week ago, I was terrified at first of the pressure to be so intricately involved in such an intimate moment of their life, but standing here now, seeing their faces and the faces of all their loved ones, I am honored to join them together in this union.

Tell us about the $500 Wiccan micro-wedding reception:

Since our ceremony was so quaint, we took everyone out to dinner at Olive Garden. Not the classiest (lol we definitely didn’t care) but it was so fun to laugh and eat and enjoy each other all at one table as a small eccentric, unique gathering of family.

What was the most important lesson you learned from your $500 Wiccan micro-wedding?

You don’t have to spend money or do a lot of planning to have the perfect wedding. My husband and I always thought we'd have a destination wedding with a handful of friends and family, but we decided that the money could be put to better use and it was more important to make sure our few important people could be there.

We spent probably $500 absolute max, got married at sunset on our 7th anniversary (we were high school sweethearts), and worried about absolutely nothing. It had to be the most stress free wedding in history. There was so much love in the air. We were so happy we kept it small and relaxed and were able to enjoy it.

Vendors behind this $500 Wiccan micro-wedding:


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  1. A beautiful little wedding!

    Random question : does the micro in micro-wedding refer to the cost or number of attendees?

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