50+ pairs of cute wedding flats

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Cute red wedding flats on @offbeatbride

This is how it goes every week: I'll do a shoe post about something (wedges, platforms, boots, whatever), and the response will be “WHAT ABOUT WEDDING FLATS!?”

We've got pages and pages of posts about wedding flats, but based on comments I receive, they're clearly the wedding shoe that seems to get the least love. We all want more flats. So today? FLATS! This collection seems to have a lot of animals involved (cats! bunnies! flamingos!) and also more than a few cute bows. Let's do this…


Succulent and silverleaf eucalyptus handpainted custom flat wedding shoes on offbeat bride


scalloped wedding flats on offbeat bride




Rose Gold Bridal Flat as seen on Offbeat Bride


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  1. Yay! My partner is only 2″ taller than me, so I’m definitely wearing flats at our upcoming wedding. Now to decide on one pair!

  2. Flats are the best. As a tall person with feet/ankle/knee problems, I pretty much live in flats. For our wedding next month, my fiance and I will be wearing matching boots! We’re having a fantasy/renaissance wedding, and we both got a pair of lovely handmade boots of a rich brown leather that lace up the sides with brass conchos (they’re sort of like buttons) from a vendor at our local Ren Faire. Definitely not cheap, but the boots have a lifetime warranty and we can send them in to be re-soled for free when we eventually need to. 🙂 Plus, we will BOTH be super comfy on our wedding day, and not just him. 😛 Comfy shoes are the best shoes.

  3. Seriously? THIS is your wedding flat roundup? Is this post sponsored by ModCloth? Are you actually so bored with flats that you couldn’t be bothered to find them anywhere other than one, fairly mainstream-y site? So frustrating.

  4. Is this post sponsored by ModCloth?

    As noted at the top of the post, this is indeed an affiliate post — Modcloth being one of many affiliate programs we work with. In recent weeks my shoe posts have featured styles from Zappos, Nordstrom, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Heels.com, Alibaba, and others. This post happened to focus on Modcloth, but you’ll find flats from elsewhere in this massive archive: http://offbeatbride.com/tag/flats

  5. Aw, the random shoe is the one I just ordered to be my wedding shoe! I got a gorgeous sample gown that fits me like a glove … except the tulle skirt, which is apparently time-consuming and expensive to alter. Solution? By a gorgeous, sparkly, badass pair of six-inch platforms!

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