Flats that are intense on styling, but gentle on your feet [Updated for 2022!]

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ElizabethRoseLondon handpaints flats to match your bouquet!

It's like clockwork: I'll do a post about heels, and the first comment will be “…but I can't wear these!” I know, y'all. Believe me, I know. I spent several years in the '90s selling Birkenstocks for a living, so I SUPER DUPER KNOW.

That's why today I'm going to focus on flats. Sweet, delicious, comfortable flats that are intensely awesome, but won't hurt your delicate feetsies. Lots of blue wedding flats included here, for those of you who want to get in on that “something blue” vibe. And if these aren't enough? Browse our massive flats archive.

Just click the picture to learn more!

Rainbow flats from Modcloth!
Bridal flats from Milenika Shoes
Ooh, blue but in an NAUTICAL way!
Melissa Jelly Flats!
Boho chic bridal sandals from CalliopePsoma
Blue oxfords!
Ooh yes, they're Louboutins
The ribbons on these blue flats!
Felipa blue flat from Quiero June


Succulent and silverleaf eucalyptus handpainted custom flat wedding shoes on offbeat bride
Succulent and silverleaf eucalyptus handpainted custom flat wedding shoes from ElizabethRoseLondon


Blush Princess Bridal Ballet Shoes from St V and Company
scalloped wedding flats on offbeat bride
Scalloped flat bridal bootie by RileeShoes
Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Women's Slip-On


Custom gold pointed shoes from Etsy


Ona flats from Quiero June


Rose gold glitter flats with bows on the back!
Handmade open toe slingback from Milenika Shoes


Copper oxfords from Quiero June
Something blue wedding flats
These are Jimmy Choos and boy are they sparkly!

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Comments on Flats that are intense on styling, but gentle on your feet [Updated for 2022!]

  1. I love me some shoes, but oddly enough, I think I’m going to be a barefoot bride. I might make myself some wedding leg warmers, though!

  2. Gaahhh! I need every single one of these. Wearing glittered Chacos on my wedding day and TBD heels but I still have to wear shoes to the office and these fit the bill! Also, can you do another wide shoes post? My feet are freakishly wide and you have such good taste.

  3. Seriously cute shoes in this lineup…except I’m one of the really weird ones who can’t wear high heels OR flats. Darn shame, too, because I really love those rainbow-toed flats…but, assuming my feet would stay in them my feet would be in agony by the end of the day because I really have to have inserts in my shoes and flats have zero room for such. 🙁

  4. Shoes that I could wear all day (flats), in my size (11) for a price that won’t kill my budget (under $40). My never-ending search for the shoe that fits my trifecta of perfect.

  5. Those bonus shoes literally, actually, factually made me gasp (out loud). Man. I’m pretty sure I have very little to wear them with … except the half dozen little black dress I own …

  6. I want those gold modcloth flats so badly, but they are sold out! Can anyone suggest something similar? I feel like I’m tearing my hair out trying to just find a simple, but dressy, gold or bronze flat to wear with my wedding dress.

  7. My wedding shoes are on this list!!!! Modcloth shoes blue outside with gold inside and ankle strap. As close to TARDIS blue as I could get, I loved them, but owww, they hurt my feet. Wonderful and beautiful, just wish I had tried to stretch them out a wee bit more than I did, hehe.

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