21 wedding invitations to kick your imagination into high gear

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There are, I believe, as many different creative paths you can take for your wedding invitations as there are weddings. Wait, what am I saying? That number's waaaaaaay too low!

On Offbeat Bride, we've shown you samples of geeky invitations, Halloween invitations, science-y invitations, hand-drawn invitations, and you know we've shown you a million different shades of DIY invitations.

But what if you don't have a clue what flavor you want yet? I've gathered about 21 of my favorites from across the spectrum from our wedding invitations archives so you can see just a bit of what's out there!

1. D'aww! It's two cute lil bride icons on a map.

Two Brides Destination Wedding Invitations

2. Letterpress: still beautiful, always and forever, amen.


3. Want an alternative to those crappy Game Over T-shirts? We got you.

welcome poster

4. These invitations were designed to look like a packet you found in your grandma's attic!


5. Unsure how to word a reception-only invitation? You've got options!

How to word reception-only wedding invitations.

6. Addressing wedding invitations doesn't have to be a pain.

Invitation calligraphy by Etsy seller InspiredCalligraphy

7. Hand-drawn art by the bride and groom makes such a rockstar invitation!


8. Get your Studio Ghibli fan-geek-love on!

9. You two go together like… like… things that go together really well.


10. You too can be a superhero getting married in a boxing ring.


11. There is an invitation for every flavor of nerd. This one is for the Star Wars fans.


12. Lots of people DIY their invitations — but how many of them go for a 20-page picture book?

13. How to score big with a Space Invaders invitation.

Back invitation

14. For the super-duper hands-on, tactile approach, here are some kickass LINEN invitations.

15. OMG, artistic couples traded talents for these INCREDIBLE handmade invitations.

16. Halloween-themed invitations are my FAVORITE though.

17. Rock'n'roll-poster wedding invitations = instant home decor.

18. This Giving Tree invitation features a hidden excerpt from the book!

19. If this is not the most hilarious RSVP card, I… might think raccoons are funnier than most people do.

20. Ever considered sending an actual invitation to be part of the wedding party?

21. Rats aren't everyone's thing, but these are damn cute AND they include a DIY template.

Rats in Love Card

Will you be DIYing your wedding invitations? Having custom art made? Putting your invitation to music? Skipping the whole thing and maybe sending a digital invite? We want to know how you're letting people know you want 'em at your wedding!

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