21 flower wedding hairstyles: crowns, updos, and more!

Updated Aug 23 2019
Photo from Honoring Ethiopian heritage at a botanical garden wedding in Denver by From the Hip

Who's dreaming of springtime? Raises hand. Now that we've safely got past things like the winter solstice and holidays and all the fun, unique things about this season, let's talk about flowers. Specifically, flowers in your hair, yo.

Dreaming of turning into a fairy princess for your wedding? Planning on rocking a more bohemian flair? Who knows, maybe you and your partner just want to wear matching flower crowns. However you'd like to wear flowers in your hair, I've got 21 flowery hairstyles just for your inspiration right here. But if these aren't enough, don't despair — there are tons more waiting for you in Offbeat Bride's archives of flowery wedding hairstyles!

21 Wedding hair flower ideas you'll love

1. Flower crowns are a classic wedding look for a reason. They're SOOOOOOO romantic.

First Dance finished
Photo from Michelle & Jacob's geeky, Pi day, farm wedding from cupritte

2. Veils, feathers, and flowers. What more do you need for a wedding in the great outdoors?

Photo from Lara & Matt's mid-summer musical forest wedding by Joleen Willis

3. Dudes can totally rock flowers in their hair too.

Photo from Jessi & Dave's sincere celebration of fellowship and love & potluck wedding by The Parsons

4. A flower wreath doesn't have to be super big and showy.

Photo from Mojo, mojitos, and DIY — with a hair cutting ceremony! by Bowerbird Photography

5. OR you can rock just one flower that's EXACTLY super big and showy.

P DSC_0216
Photo from Rachel & David's artsy retro picnic wedding by Will Hollis

6. Is your wedding hair bright pink? Pale flowers are an awesome contrast!

Photo from Wildflowers and farmland at this clifftop wedding in Wisconsin by Blue Dandelion Photography

7. Flowers may not help you keep cool on a hot day, but you'll LOOK cool.

details_posed (109 of 157)
Photo from Melinda & Paul's disability-friendly, southern, sports rivalry wedding by Freckle Photography

8. Flowers, twigs, birds… it all comes together in a fascinator.

Photo from Jenny & Evan's wedding feast of love from legion03

9. THIS is not just a flower wreath. This is a flower CROWN, and I LOVE it.

Photo from Gemma & Neil's proper English harvest festival wedding by Image-i-nation Photography

10. Long-stemmed brooch bouquets and Volkswagen vans just WORK with flower wreaths.

Photo from Evelyn & Nathan's quirky Humanist wedding in an Irish castle by SOSAC Photography

11. Wrap a few small posies around a gold braid, and ta da! A medieval flower circlet.

Photo from Cecilie & Robert's history geeks medieval wedding by Emil Rye

12. Match your hairstyle to your ceremony backdrop!

the kiss with bells a'ringing.
Photo from Cat & Joe's Oktoberfest locally-grown harvest wedding by Nickel Images

13. A huge flower crown and a flowy short white dress just scream fab '60s-style wedding.

Photo from Confetti, a shoe game, and some kick-ass cake toppers by Jill Sawyer Phypers

14. Flowers and veggies go together like weddings and unity sandwiches. Trust.

Unity Sandwich-Lettuce
Photo from Rachel & Andy's rustic quirky interactive historical farm wedding by Patty Michels Photography

15. Wedding hats need to be more popular. Because flowers on AND under the hat are awesome.

Photo from Grace & Mike's hat-tastic church wedding, with a pirate cruise reception from jgraciet114

16. Slacks or formal gown, flowers look great with everything.

Photo from A sun-filled same-sex Jewish wedding with an eco-friendly mindset by Alison Yin

17. The only thing that can make pink and purple hair look more fantastic would be flowers.

Bubble time
Photo from Joni & Jeremy's medieval handfasting and archery wedding by Sanne Bakermans

18. Sigh. Flowers look so lovely in back lighting. They practically glow!

Photo from A multicultural destination wedding in the mountains by Brandi Welles

19. From the dress to the garland bouquet to the veil to the flowers in her hair: that's coordination, y'all.

S & C_74
Photo from Chantal & Stefan's rocking South African wedding by Sagely Photography

20. A lovely, fairy-inspired ceremony just wouldn't be complete without flower wreaths for both brides.

Photo from Swedish fairy ceremony: a sneak peak from the cherry blossom brides! by 2 Brides

21. My word. A flower crown in the fall? BEAUTIFUL.

Photo from Sheena & James' whimsical mountain love celebration by Denis Thorp Photography

Planning to put some posies in your pompadour? Tell us if you're going for a fairy-inspired, hippie, medieval, or contemporary look!

  1. Well, I WAS on the fence about flowers in my hair, but it looks like a flowering vine is taking roots on that fence!

  2. I'm getting married in two weeks and I'm totally going to rock a flower crown. Because I'm going to be pretty and as girly as all get out because I can 🙂

  3. Check out Belle Blossoms for awesome hair flowers. I did one of their gardenias in my hair, combined with an Edwardian-type hairstyle. Customer service was great, the price is good, and the quality is really nice too.

  4. Linda’s experience working alongside government contractors such as Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Innoplex and TASC has positioned her as one of the most sought-after experts in her industry.

  5. Flowers can really help a personality shine , as these pictures show. Flower crowns and fascinators are fabulous! Lots of room for creativity, and they suit farmer/ florists well… Will be wearing them at Burlington Farmers Market this year! Can't wait to design one each week…. 🙂

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