A letter from Ariel re: deeply discounted vendor listing renewals for 2021

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Why hello there, beloved vendor friends! It's me Ariel, the publisher of Offbeat Bride. Remember how this spring, I offered free renewals for anyone who had EVER been listed in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide?

Over the course of 2020, hundreds of vendors took me up on the offer for free listings through the end of 2020. My hope was that things would be better by now… but we know they're not. 🙁

Unfortunately, I can't afford to keep offering free listings for 2021 (my year has been a complete shitshow too), but I am offering a $100 limited renewal option for those of us who are barely squeaking by:

LIMITED vendor listing renewal: $100

  • The limited renewal keeps your vendor listing live on Offbeat Bride, but does NOT include any listing updates, nor does it bump you up to the top of your location or category pages.
  • Buy limited renewal

FULL vendor listing renewal: $250

  • This option gets you a complete updated listing with new photos, updates to text, and a bump to the top of your location and category pages, which also gets you onto the Offbeat Bride homepage.
  • Buy full renewal

This offer is extended to all of the 1100+ small businesses who've ever been listed in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide. The guide launched in 2010, and even if your vendor listing expired way back in 2011… you're eligible for $100 renewal for 2021.

That said, this is an offer for a free renewal, not a free vendor guide listing. If you've never been listed in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide, this isn't for you. Like y'all, my business has been decimated by Coronavirus, so if you have the resources available and want to support Offbeat Bride staying online, by all means: I welcome new listings (use coupon code quarantini for 25% off!).

Sending so much love to all of us trying desperately to limp through this year. If you have any questions about your listing or the renewal options, just hit reply. I'm here for you.


Ariel Meadow Stallings
Author, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow • Publisher, Offbeat Empire

PS: Need inspo to get you through this shitshow? Consider this your personal invitation to The Afterglow, my new private publication.

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