A 1930s garden party that you won’t believe took place in 2013

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Ashley and Robert had that idea that they'd plan an authentic 1930s-styled garden party. The nail's head was hit so hard, the nail died. The affair was held at a 1907 Tudor mansion in Highland Park, CA, with a 1935 Packard sedan to deliver the bride. The groom and groomsmen wore 1930s-era morning attire with top hats, while the bridesmaids were clad in couture organza gowns created by Ashley's good friend and bridesmaid, Theresa Laquey. The bride's out-of-this-universe dress is actual 1930s vintage from eBay. To top it all off, the catering was based on actual recipes from a 1930s cookbook. Everything about this makes me want to blow my wig… blink my peepers… be dizzy with these dames… and basically blurt out a lot of 1930s slang.


The real magic must have been in the invitations that somehow made all the guests be perfectly attired and coiffed for this era. Because if I know people, and I don't, I know they herd like cats when it comes to this stuff.

Here's more evidence that these guests NAILED the landing fashion-wise. Are you seeing the shoes and that hat peeking out in the back?

I'm pretty sure we're spying bloomers right here. This is serious business authentic.

“Pardon me, sir…” “No, no, I insist…” “Bumble bumble… spot of tea.”

Well, now I officially don't believe that this wedding is even from the present, but rather that they are time travelers set to blow our minds. Mission accomplished, time and space benders… mission accomplished.

You can see more photos from the wedding here.

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Here are some of the vendors who made the day happen:

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  1. These photos literally took my breath away. The glamour! The sophistication! Absolute perfection! Not one detail overlooked. PER. FEC. TION!

  2. OHHHHHHH all that is holy and sacred, this is amazing. HER DRESS. More photos please please please! xxx

  3. Wow, this blew my mind!!! I kept looking at the 1st photo and trying to match up the article to the photo and I’m like, these people were inspired by a vintage photo? This is epic epic epic. I love historical accuracy SO MUCH because there are people who try, and bless them but they just don’t get it RIGHT. This is eye candy!!!!

    • Some of these lovely people are friends and acquaintances of mine. For most, it’s all vintage, all the time. This is what we do, though we also enjoy the perks of the modern world.

      If you are in or near California, I recommend you look up the Art Deco societies there. Many of these people are members of the Art Deco Society of CA, including the bride and the designer.

  4. That’s AMAZING! It’s one thing for there to be a theme but for the guests to get SO on board, it’s amazing! It looks just like my great-grandmother’s wedding.

  5. WooooooW that is amazeballs. Incredible. Hats of to them and their amazing friends and family!

  6. Amazing!!! What a great way to celebrate and honor generations past and present together 🙂 So pretty and fun!

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