1920s-inspired wedding details you'll love as much as Gatsby loved green lights

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Daria Bishop Photography

Beaded headbands, dapper top hats and canes, scandalously short skirts AND hairstyles, and Art Deco details every-flippin-where are a recipe for wonderfully "loose morals" and high-stepping. Embrace your inner flapper, old sport, and shimmy your way into some of our favorite Roaring Twenties-inspired weddings.

Art Deco cakes for life.

Photo by McDonald Photography

Old time-y photo booth? Check.

Photo by hi {love} photography

We can't leave out the ultra glam look. It's what the decade was all about.

Al & Lexie
Photo by Chris Williams

Mmm… MOAR top hats and gloves in our lives!

Bride + Groom
Photo by Jon Bolden

But hey, it wasn't all about ultra glam. Sometimes a backyard wedding like grandma would have done it is the bee's knees.

offbeat 25
Photo by B.side Photography

Pocket watches complete your glad rags.

offbeat 8
Photo by B.side Photography

Feathers and garters tickle us in all the right ways.

thank you 3
Photo by Natural Element

And a jail theme? Bootleggers, gangsters, Wall Street, and speakeasies… yep, it sounds like the '20s!

Photo by Natural Element

Actual 1920s vintage fashion makes us wet our pantaloons.

Photo by Red Fly Studio

A-yup: that is the same dress being worn in the 1920s.

Photo by Red Fly Studio

But the best Roaring Twenties detail of all is hoofing it and having a good time. A little party never killed nobody…

Photo by Natural Element

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