Get back to nature with 15 weddings that went camping

February 19 2015 | mswolfgang
Photo from You wish you were camping out for this Idaho couple's wedding by Dylan and Sara Photography

I absolutely heart camping, and winter just makes my craving that much worse. So let's ignore winter together and celebrate how much camping rocks! Specifically at weddings! Today, I'm giving a shout-out to those couples who said, "Screw hotels!" and got their wedding night on in tents. Cozy! Psst: You know this includes our publisher, Ariel, right?

And, as luck would have it, a lot of these are also wedding weekends. So if you, like, kinda want to see more, you could check out that tag, too.

1. Bike to your campground/wedding site.

ride to ceremony
Photo from Jennifer & Adam's "Tour d' Amour" cycling, camping & surfing love fest! by Schmadzie

2. Play with sparklers in the moonlight.

Sparkler fun.
Photo from Emily & Tom's Fourth of July jamboree band wedding by Van Zandbergen Photography

3. Enormous tents look beautiful lit up under the stars

Photo from Sasha & Ra's vegetarian gluten-free burner fire-spinning wedding by Maurice Ramirez

4. Play Frisbee in suits.

shout outs by the tents
Photo from Cate & Phil's homegrown art barn-dance wedding by Bruce Silcox

5. Who could forget Offbeat Bride publisher Ariel's camping wedding?

Guests hanging out around the campfire at my wedding, hour 30 of 48. Photo by Megan Hill of Hello Super Studios.
Photo from Andreas & Ariel's island hippie/raver forest freak-fest by Hello Super Studios.

6. Signs marked Shitter are completely appropriate.

Photo by Randall Garcia
Photo from Victoria & Fritz's Vintage Camping Wedding by Randall Garcia

7. Cupcakes add a sweet look to any campground.

Photo from Rowan & Peter's permaculture Beltane handfasting in the woods by Rowan Lang

8. Take the opportunity to explore what grilling REALLY looks like

Photo from A pared-down wedding weekend in South Africa by dna photographers

9. Match your wedding dress to the lake you're camping next to.

Photo from Dawn & Benjamin's off-the-grid forest handfasting by Kris Krüg

10. Even if your Hawaiian pig roast didn't turn out perfectly, you'll still have the photos of digging it up.

Photo from Adrian & Brian's hippie carnival campout wedding by Bryan Southard Photography

11. Who can say what wildlife you'll see the next morning?

Grant & Carmen's Wedding 187
Photo from Carmen & Grant's weekend getaway "crocodiles on safari" wedding by Stuart Dods

12. Give someone a Camp Director megaphone already.

Beth + Garrett's Camp Epic Wedding
Photo from Beth & Garrett's nerdy boozy musical kickballer wedding by June Lion Photography

13. You could have, well, ALL OF THIS happen.

Photo from Tamasin & Ben's dress-up camping "BAMfest" wedding by Michelle Tyrrell

14. Live in Hawaii? Frickin' camp on a beach.

The Holts - Grand Beach Camping Wedding Bonanza 157
Photo from Jules & Aubrey's island-style beach campout wedding by Chase S.

15. Two words: Booze. Canoe.

Photo from You wish you were camping out for this Idaho couple's wedding by Dylan and Sara Photography

How about it, Offbeat Brides? You planning on bedding down in a tent on your wedding night?

  1. "Two words: Booze. Canoe."

    If I weren't already married, or if my husband were the type to happily go through all that again, I would do this in a heart beat. I may get an old canoe and just put it in my backyard anyway!! LOVE

  2. Agh! Thank you! #9 is exactly what I've been looking for in a dress, and someone linked to her instructable in the comments of the original post 😀 I'm so excited right now.

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