Celebrating our 10th anniversary: 3 Kids, 3 Cats, 1 Cadillac later…

Guest post by Kate Bagnati

We know that some of you have been reading our site for a very long time, and might have moments of wondering “where are they now?” Well, one Offbeat Bride from 2011 decided to pop in to give us an update. Ready?

Kate & Justin now.

It’s been nearly 11 years since Offbeat Bride featured our wedding when we said “I do” at Lighthouse Point Park and Carousel House in East Haven, Connecticut in 2011. We have had many ups and downs through the years…

Kate & Justin on their wedding day. Photo by Kelly Jensen.

I gave birth to our 2nd child in 2012. At just 6 weeks old we were told she had a rare genetic condition, 1 of less than 50 in the world! We instantly became part of a club we were never prepared to join. If the universe thought we needed a bit more, we lost my father a year later in 2013. In death there is always grief, but within grief there is growth. We found a home in the heart of South Norwalk, CT in the summer of 2014. We have since been taking our time making it our own. In 2016 we had our 3rd child, a son, rounding up to a family of 5. Fast forward, it is now 2022. We started our own business (a custom bicycle studio and bar), and our children are 12, 10, and 6. We have three cats and a garden to take care of. We have made the best of the past couple years, but it has been challenging!

Celebrating our 10th anniversary

In 2020 I started planning our 10th anniversary. I knew a party was out of the question and a trip to the Caribbean was also not an option, so I pivoted and began planning an elaborate DIY photo shoot. I picked my favorite season, Autumn. I ordered my dream dress by Chotronette, pale plum soufflé and my husband ordered a custom burgundy suit.

I then got to work looking for locations. My list included a red bridge at Lovers Leap State Park in CT, the largest oak in Bedford, NY, and an old cemetery near Pound Ridge. We borrowed a camera and a tripod and I bought a remote.

We rented a hotel room near the first location and secured the babysitter, my sister! In the morning we set off. It was freezing and my dress filled the entire front seat! The camera remote was a bit challenging, but we had fun, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

We have enjoyed the years with laughter and tears. We have captured all the moments big and small through different lenses. If I could give any advice to you newlyweds, love without fear, laugh often, always talk to one another, and roll with the bumps along the road. Oh, and don’t forget to hold hands and hug, as often as you can!

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