Embrace fall colors with these orange wedding dresses

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Photo from Glide through Venice on a gondola for a romantic elopement by Nerosubianco Fotografia

Wow, you guys LOVED the black wedding dresses post we did! So I was like, maybe Offbeat Brides would like to be reminded about all of our orange dresses too? Then I started wandering through our archives (that thing is deep, yo. Take a flashlight and drop breadcrumbs). I found 10 stunning orange dresses just because I like you so much. Enjoy!


Get the whole wedding party involved

Wedding Party
Photo from Monday Montage: red, blue, purple, orange, and yellow dresses! by Melissa Coutts

Orange tulle complements green-striped stockings perfectly!

poofy dress
Photo from Julia & Kory’s casual rock ‘n’ roll sideshow wedding by Jackie Canchola

Look regal with a hint of orange underskirt

Photo from Kjirsten& Bruce’s medieval pagan handfasting vow renewal by Kerryn Leworthy

Rock the look of a phoenix with your dress AND your hair!

First Look 5
Photo from Alicia & Cody’s fiery dragon and phoenix art gallery wedding by madlove photography

Orange is dazzling against pastoral landscapes.

Photo from A courthouse wedding with a bed and breakfast bash by Jessie Mary Photography

It’s a beautiful, twirly color on the dance floor.

Talia and Charles 196
Photo from Talia & Charles’ herbtastic foodie wedding by Gareth Buckland

Steampunk. Top hat. Orange dress of fabulousness…

Photo from Betsy & Seth’s unexpectedly steampunk DIYed handfasting by Capture Life Photography

Orange looks great with a Cambodian tiara!

Photo from The tiara that launched a thousand ships: a Cambodian wedding in Massachusetts by Zac Wolf Photography



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  1. I will certainly be wearing orange at my wedding, mixed with brown – part Browncoat, part Autumn, mostly my favourite colour! These dresses are wonderful.

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