Nerdy props for your wedding photobooth (plus other supplies from ThinkGeek)

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So you're doing a DIY photobooth, and you're thinking to yourself, “Self, I might need some props.” And your self replies, “Maybe, but you don't need wooden mustaches. No, what you really need are some NERDY props.” Then you and yourself high five and are like OMG YES TOTALLY, and then you start brainstorming.

Here are a few of my suggestions, all from ThinkGeek

As always with these kinds of things, click the pictures to learn more!

Totoro Plush Hat

Domo-kun Plush Hat

It doesn't matter if your family never seen My Neighbor Totoro, or never heard of Domokun — everyone looks cuter in one of these hats.

Finger Tentacles

…because haven't you heard? Tentacles are totally the new “Put a bird on it.”

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor

Because, if you're a Whovian, nothing says “I love you” like a sonic screwdriver.

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Ok yes fine: they're expensive. But epic lightsaber battles ALL NIGHT LONG at your wedding reception? That's a temptation for the ages

Plush Beating Heart

Love can be so metaphorical. So full of poetry. Let your guests get literal: I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY ANATOMICALLY-CORRECT STUFFED BEATING HEART.

Ok, and now SHIT. Now that I'm clicking around ThinkGeek, I'm seeing all this other stuff that would be awesome for your wedding. Hold on, check it out:

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

This guitar pick punch let's you make guitar picks out of old debit cards or plastic packaging or anything else you can think of. Bad-ass DIY wedding favors, anyone?

The ThinkGeek 'Ties Suck' Tie

If your groomsmen or bridesboys aren't toootally sure about having to wear a tie, they could rock one of these ties that read “Ties Suck” in binary code. Or, of course there's always the infamous 8 Bit Tie:

The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

And for your bridesmaids:

Wonder Woman Costume Babydoll

Best bridesmaid gifts evar, am I right? Imagine the pre-“getting ready” photo ops the morning of the wedding!

Oh-oh, and if you're going for the '80s retro gamer thing, picture your flower girl in this:

8-Bit Hair Bow

8-bit hair ribbon! OMG ADORBZ.

Ok, ok. I must control myself. Evidently, I'm in an uber ThinkGeeky mood. I mean, CUPCAKE LIP BALM!? Stuffed sushi? HTTPanties? Caffeine Molecule Necklace!?
Omgpwnies Red Ladies Computer Bag
!? None of this has anything to do with weddings, but are you kidding me?!

I know several former Offbeat Brides have gotten wedding supplies from ThinkGeek — anyone want to weigh in with the nerdy supplies they procured?

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Comments on Nerdy props for your wedding photobooth (plus other supplies from ThinkGeek)

  1. I love this webshop!! it’s amazing! I wanted to have as wedding favors the zombie drinks and blood that come like in a hospital bag, too bad they don’t ship that outside the USA 🙁

    • I LOVE ThinkGeek! However!
      I think this is a problem ThinkGeek should work on overcoming. Their beverages are delicious and novel and those outside the USA are missing out. Bawls 4 life.

      Sadly, their transborder shipping fees are too expensive for purchases under $100 (imo). For example, I buy a $25 T-shirt, I pay $25 in shipping on top of that. Boourns.
      I’m willing to wait a few weeks more for my purchase to come via postal service if it means I can pay even half their current shipping rates.

      Other than shipping, all products have arrived intact and in as-described awesomeness!

  2. for around the same cost (some less, some more), without the sound though, you can get a saber from Ultrasabers and the blades are design to duel and you can pick any of 7 colors to go with it.

    I love ThinkGeek- they are always making great things!

  3. we ordered 300+ of those tentacle fingers for our wedding favors – our wedding is tentacle & music themed! so each guest will get a tentacle finger and a mix cd. 🙂

  4. I love ThinkGeek. I just got my brother some Batman cuff links for our wedding. He’s our photographer. <3

  5. Totoro and Domo-kun? sign me up! NOW!
    the tentacle fingers are the proverbial icing-on-the-cake!
    a shopping we will go, a shopping we will go, hi ho the merry-o, a shopping I will go! fist stop – guitar pick puncher…

  6. So just FYI, we ordered the Totoro hat and it was TINY. The site says one size fits all, but it does NOT. It would not cram on my man’s noggin, and would squeeze the life out of mine! So it’s a great pick for kids, but impossible for adult heads.

  7. We got the Wooden Practice Bokkens for all our wedding party so we could have a “saber” arch. It was awesome.

  8. Aw, I gave my boyfriend that beating heart last Valentine’s Day! It’s very fluffy and adorable. But then, ThinkGeek is pretty fantastic overall.

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