Marvel and intent: How to write a wedding poem

Despite being married thirty years and counting, I’m not an expert on the subject, so I turned to the internet and read article after article with titles like 20 Secrets to a Successful Marriage or How to Make Love Last. When I finished, the only thing I was sure of was this: Experts can’t agree on whether we choose who we fall in love with. But ask anyone who’s been married a long time, and they’ll tell you we definitely choose who we stay in love with.

But this still felt like only half of what I wanted to say.

Marriage is the intersection of love found and commitment promised, and I wanted my reading to acknowledge the integral parts of both: Marvel and intent. Gratitude and purpose.

1970s-themed Garden of the Gods elopement

Jamie and Sam planned a unique elopement with their friends in September of 2019! They decided to make it 70s themed and everyone dressed accordingly, complete with the bride in pants and a gorgeous hat. The couple met with a small group of friends and their photographer Shea McGrath at Balanced Rock in Garden of […]

Pole dance engagement photos

I’ve been pole dancing as a hobby for eight years now. When my husband proposed, he knew how much of a big deal pole was in my life, so he arranged with the studio owners to sneak into class while I was stretching, and got down on one knee. This beautiful proposal resulted in some […]

How do I tell my partner I don’t want a big proposal?

My boyfriend wants to give me an “over-the-top” proposal. I don’t know how I feel about this. I appreciate his desire to do something special but I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the idea of a big proposal.

Get ready to light up at this disco wedding with a joint bar

Due to the world being turned upside down, we had to cancel our wedding… like many brides, I had to pivot. We had recently bought our first home and spent so much time working on it, so we decided to have our wedding in our backyard. Our garage turned into Studio 54 with an amazing disco ball installation, 80’s furniture, checkered floor, and a chic curated joint bar for our guests (which was a real hit of the night!).

Steal these 10 fun and unique engagement photo ideas

Looking for nontraditional engagement photo ideas that really showcase your personality? We’ve got a plethora of quirky, fun, playful, romantic, and even sexy engagement photos that’ll inspire you to plan a shoot that’s authentically you!

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