Your 11 favorite wedding website templates

You know how I do those "Your favorite shoes" posts? Well, thanks to my pals over at, today I'm going to wrastle up the wedding website templates that Offbeat Brides love the very most. Some of them are affiliated with us (coming to you from some of our favorite designers like Royal SteamlineThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, Sweetheart ShoutoutThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, and 519 DesignsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them) and some of them aren't… but all of them are templates that y'all love to dress up your wedding websites in. Let's take a peek, shall we?

Weathered by Royal Steamline & Offbeat Bride

Stache Kiss by Minted

Concrete by Royal Steamline & Offbeat Bride

Martini by 519 Weddings & Offbeat Bride

Airmail by Minted

Duet by Royal Steamline & Offbeat Bride

So Fresh and So Clean by Sweetheart Shoutout & Offbeat Bride

Lovely Lace by Sweetheart Shoutout & Offbeat Bride

Fireflies by Minted

Journey Together by Minted

Artbook by Royal Steamline & Offbeat Bride

Ready to start working on YOUR wedding website? (Or convinced that now you should switch-up the template on your existing website?) Get started:

Oh and P.S. for awesome invitation designers: we want to promote your work!

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  1. Can… can I show off our awesome homemade wedding website? It was inspired by our Royal Steamline STDs! Mostly victorian/steampunk, with a little bit of our random favorite things.
    It has a LOT of information on it, but we loved it so much (and put a lot of work into it!). I'm pretty sure it's our combined dream to improve on it a little and customize it for someone else (so if you like it and want us to make it for you… let me know!). It's too bad you can't see how we had people RSVP… But we were pretty worried about our friends testing our computer science skills and trying to hack in and RSVP for someone else… Anyway, just wanted to show off a litte; hope I'm not distracting from the main point of the post!

    2 agree
  2. I really wish I could pull off the moustache one, but we're not having a vintage wedding and my beau looks horrific with a moustache (every November is just death…) so it really wouldn't work for us.

  3. Yeh some of these templates are nice. Assumably they come with a content management system allowing you to update important information like accommodation options, maps & directions etc. Do they also come with an RSVP form? Thanks 🙂

    • More than an RSVP form — you can do multiple RSVP forms, so that you can track guests for different events like rehearsal dinner, shower, etc.

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