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tuk peacock shoes

I'll let you in on a mildly creepy secret: when you buy shoes from one of my shoe posts, I can see what you buy. No, not you SPECIFICALLY. But y'all in general. I don't know who buys what, but by looking through my records, I can see which shoes y'all love the most.

And the shoes in this post? You all LOVE THEM. Without contest, the most popular style for Offbeat Brides is TUK's Peacock Feather Heel.

Second most popular? Nina's Electra:

nina elektra

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  1. True facts: OBB readers have some freakin' fantastic taste in toe-coverings.

    I swoon for the Vivienne Westwood shoes on this list.

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    • I finally bit the bullet and got the light pink Vivienne Westwood flats … and ZOMG they are SO amazing! I wish it wasn't all wintery here, because not only do they look fab they are so comfortable.


      • Look here, you. Don't you be goin' around, sayin' things that totally sell me on getting the shoes of my dreams. 'cause if you use such words as "comfortable" and "amazing", I might just be forced to take some extreme action, such as devastating my bank account. That'll teach you! 😀

  2. Not only are the Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes gorgeous and amazingly comfortable…THEY SMELL LIKE BUBBLEGUM.

    I bought 2 pairs.

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  3. I bought the Nina Electra in Apple Green. And I fell in love with them. But my dress was just a smidge too short for them 🙁

    But! If you go to Nina's website, you can special order them in a shorter heel height and with no platform at the toe (and whatever color sole you want, or you could get a different color bow. Pretty much whatever you want, as long as they have that color). A little pricier, but worth it to me.

  4. I wore the Nina Electra in a deep pink color (that I don't think I see on there anymore) for my wedding and luuuvvvved them. A little hard to break in the feeling of such a high heel/arch to the foot, but when they loosened up actually lasted in them for quite a while. Cool to know about the shorter heel height and minus the platform option…I remember thinking…"if only…"

  5. I definitely wore the TUK peacock shoes for my reception! They're really comfortable, and received many compliments 🙂

  6. Add me toy that list of peacock shoe owners. I couldn't resist them after you posted them the first time. Total impulse buy but now that we are engaged I already have the shoe situation taken care of.

  7. Didn't find them thru OBB but I will totally be wearing those peacock shoes for my wedding. They're sitting in my closet right now waiting for the big day. I'm currently on the hunt for some teal flats to wear at the reception because as comfy as those heels are, my feet won't tolerate dancing in them.

  8. We need some big feet appreciation, here….I'm having a heck of a time finding really pretty shoes (and flats or short heels, do I really need to be any taller than 6'? nope, I'm good) in my size 12-13 women's (just call em a "good foundation") Any ideas? I'll post when I find something worthy.

    • I have a friend with big feet, and whenever I complimented her hot shoes, she'd inevitably ordered them online from stores catering to drag queens. If you're looking for loud, proud, fabulous footwear in women's sizes over 12, start googling "drag queen shoes."

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