From California to Canada, You Are Not Cattle is ready to capture your offbeat wedding story

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Are you looking for a quirky, high-end visual team who is as image-conscious as you are? Then You Are Not Cattle (an offshoot of Stillmotion), is going to perfectly compliment your vintage-hued dreams.

If you've got the resources to invest in an international team of taste-makers, then keep reading. Budget-brides: these guys may not be in your price range, but we can all enjoy the pretty pictures!

You Are Not Cattle is a photography and cinema company whose aim is to work with interesting couples (you guys!), and to tell your stories, no matter how offbeat.
Because if they so beautifully show and tell Asa and Coralie's story (which involved cherry tomatoes, frog galoshes, and a big purple balloon) then they can totally manage yours.

Their website captures this dedication to telling your story:

We won't let your story be confined by the often shallow patterns of an industry that doesn't know you. We loathe imagery in which you become interchangeable. We want to tell the story of something much bigger than your wedding day. We want to tell the story of you.

We want to discover all of the little things that make you who you are. What excites you? What do you dream about? Would you rather go to the beach or on a ski trip? Gone are the questions about venues, vendors, and schedules and on to things that are much more meaningful to your story.

As mentioned earlier, You Are Not Cattle is not for our lower budget brides — their wedding stills beginning at $4,900 and wedding films beginning at $6,900. But man-oh-man, if you can prioritize higher end photos and video in your wedding budget,
You Are Not Cattle will take that dough and transform it into amazing visuals that will make your eyes will go blurry (…with tears!).

You Are Not Cattle's band of filmmakers and photographers are based out of San Francisco and Toronto, but will shoot all over the freaking place. So let You Are Not Cattle get to know you so your story, full of silliness, grace, glory, or geekery, can come shining through!

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