Sweet cemetery cuddles before a goth courthouse wedding

June 3 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: ON3photography
Gimme some sugar
Photos by ON3Photography

Eric and Billi both wore black (and some sexy silver shoes in Billi's case) for their Wisconsin courthouse wedding this May. They stopped for some photos beforehand at a local cemetery and then struck some punk-esque poses in a tire yard. All in all, this couple's got a "simple goth wedding" flavor going on, of which I thoroughly approve.

Eric's daughter was present at the 1 p.m. courthouse ceremony, and I about died when I saw the sign she held up. No, I can't spoil it for you, you have to go see it. I hear the family finished out the day with bacon cheeseburgers and a very theme-appropriate Dairy Queen ice cream cake — damn, that's a fabulous way to end a family wedding.

Silver wedding shoes

Wedding chihuahua

Goth wedding first look

Goth wedding first look II

Goth wedding first look hugs

Goth bride and groom in cemetery

Bride and groom hugs in a cemetery

Cemetery cuddles

Flirting in a cemetery

Black wrap wedding dress

Tattooed groom forearms

Wedding day tats and jewelry

Happy goth bride and groom

Bride and groom in a tire yard

Bride and groom smoke break

Bride and groom smoke break II

Goth bride

Bride and groom flirting in a tire yard

Bride and groom all in black

Forehead kisses

Urban goth wedding

Goth bride and groom in a field

Bride and groom getaway car

Courthouse wedding guests

Courthouse wedding ceremony

Daughter at courthouse wedding ceremony

Courthouse kisses

Daddy and me just married Billi

Best family photo

Family photo all in black

Till death do us part wedding cake

Groom dancing with daughter


Photography: ON3photography

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  1. I am in love with this wedding! Very different from what we are planning, but amazing! So authentic and beautiful. Makes me want to be friends with the bride and groom! Super cool. I need to know, where did Billi get those shoes? They would be perfect for my dress. This is my favorite wedding on Offbeat Bride!!!

    5 agree
  2. I really like this wedding!! simple and heartfelt. I just love her shoes!! and really love that board that the little girl was holding up…The cake is adorable too.. Congratulations!!

    2 agree
  3. Such beautiful pictures! And that little girl is just the cutest!

    Is it weird that my first thought though was how did they take pictures on those dirty tires without ruining what they were wearing?

    1 agrees

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