Play a game and win a free personalized wedding video from WeddingMix

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iphone-app-camera-weddingmix-verticalRemember our sponsor WeddingMix, the affordable wedding video alternative?

Those of you who aren't familiar, here's the deal: If you want a super-easy way to crowdsource your wedding video, then WeddingMix is your jam.

Using the WeddingMix app, wedding photos and videos from your guests (including those on Instagram) get collected all in one place.

Then WeddingMix creates a custom-made video from all your guest's best clips.

Well, WeddingMix has now taken their wedding media collection service from super-easy to super-fun with their new "WeddingStyle game" and their special contest for Offbeat Bride readers…

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Play the WeddingStyle game

Storymix Media is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
WeddingMix wants to help you find your own unique wedding style by taking their "What Wedding Style are You?" quiz.

Many people assume that there is a "typical" offbeat wedding style. After creating dozens of videos for Offbeat Bride couples, we know that's not the case. So whether you're dreaming of vintage lace dresses, or a water balloon fight at your rustic barn wedding reception, play the game and find out which wedding style is perfect for you.

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Enter to win the WeddingMix contest

Looking for even more awesome? Playing the WeddingStyle game gets you entered to win a nifty prize:

OFFBEAT CONTEST: Play the WeddingStyle game and you could possibly win a $500 WeddingMix video package. Enter for the chance to get your own personalized wedding video, filmed by all your closest family and friends. But no matter what, everyone who plays will get a 10% coupon!

I love any service that makes getting something for free into a helpful game. Head over to WeddingMix, play around with your wedding style, plan how to collect all your photos and videos, and win something awesome!

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  1. When do we find out who the winner is? I would LOVE to be able to have this for my July ceremony, otherwise its cell phones and disposables for me, lol!

  2. The result was VERY off for me unfortunately. I got Upscale Chic when that is not even close. None of the choices really appealed to me though. Where were the offbeat options for nerds and gamers? lol

    2 agree
    • Hey Sarramy, thanks for the feedback. I agree that the game choices in the placesetting page weren't especially offbeat, but then again, the movie page had some pretty cool ones. Can you post a link to some photos of "offbeat" placesettings you like so I know what to look out for in the future?

      • I have to agree, mine was also way off, but both of us are gamers with big spoonful of love of SCA. We're even having a Ren-inspired wedding! I've gotten a bunch of my ideas for the big day by reading about other weddings here on OBB that had a similar theme to them…

  3. I got Offbeat…no big surprise, but I have been told that my design aesthetic is "Gothic Grandma."

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