My Wedding Binder will slap your wedding organization into shape

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Whilst wedding planning I had a crazy messy binder full of notes, business cards, wedding songs and other numerous and sundry items. And I'm not good at organizing at all, so I lost a lot of papers and a few times the actual binder itself!

My Wedding Binder is an online, virtual wedding planning binder that works very much like a physical binder with easy-to-use and customizable planning tools. They charge a one time membership fee of $29.95 (but we got you the hook-up on a nice discount — more about that later) and for that you get to never have to be bombarded with thousands of pop-ups and advertisements for obnoxious WIC bullshit again!

I spent a while tooling around the site and was like this the whole time. They have freaking EVERYTHING that you'd ever need:

  • An interactive calendar with email and text reminders
  • Guest list with gift legend
  • Song organizer
  • Seating chart organizer
  • A budgeting tool
  • A place to store all vendor info with checklists and "questions to ask"
  • Registries
  • Checklists and notes

You can find out about all the My Wedding Binder features by checking out's web tour of the site.

  • Even pre-written notes for things like welcoming your OOT guests to their hotel rooms, a wedding program template for Jewish ceremonies, or a 5×7 card that explains how a donation has been made to charity in lieu of wedding favors!

If you're looking for a place to collect your photos and random web articles, you might not find it here. But if you want a great way too to keep your really organized — it's perfect!

My Wedding Binder feels more like "My Wedding Personal Assistant." And, um… yeah, I'd easily pay $29.95 for that! But, because Erica, from My Wedding Binder, is a bad-ass who loves Offbeat Brides, you don't have to even pay that

Offbeat Discount: Enter promo code "offbeat" when you sign up to receive $10 off your membership.

So if you're anything like me, you so totally need this. So the first thing on your to-do list should be take advantage of My Wedding Binder's offbeat discount and then you can thank me later!

  1. You should do a post on Google docs, too! They even have a wedding planning template. I'm 2 months out and it's been so easy to plan that way!

  2. In addition to adding the "Groom 1 or 2" option, which I love, is there a way to change the party designations? I have several male "bridesmaids." This isn't a big deal, but it might be nice. Love the site, especially for my long-distance wedding planning! Everyone involved in the wedding lives in a different state, and my partner and I don't live in the state we're getting married in. It gets complicated!

  3. We can definitely look into adding more party designation titles to the site. Aside from the lack of ads and the chaos of other plannng sites, we really pride ourselves on being different in the respect that try to add the feature requests that we get whenever possible. We have a request button on our site where members can tell us things they would like to see. For example, one member wanted a customized spreadsheet that she could use to compare different vendors that she was interviewing. I made these for her personally and added them to the site. I am currently workng to add Rachel's request to our site. With all of the other planning sites you get what you get, period. With our site you get me and my team, here to help you with anything you may need!

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  4. No wedding websites as of right now, but possibly something we will add in the future. For the time being – check out Offbeat Bride's "Wed-Sites" – those look pretty sick!!

  5. I am trying to contact someone regarding my account with My Wedding Binder. I have had NO luck and no one has returned my many requests. My account is not working. I have already added over 100 people and would like to continue using this binder, however I might be forced to use a different website. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you!

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  6. I would not recommend this site. It has a faulty set-up and no one at the business will return my many inquiries.

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