7 reasons why Offbeat Bride/MyWedding.com vintage-flavored wedding websites are awesome

April 6 | offbeatbride

So you know how up there in the header where it say "WedSites"? Have you ever clicked that tab? Ever noticed how Offbeat Bride has teamed up with MyWedding.com to offer free wedding websites with Offbeat-centric templates? You never knew that you could make an informational page about your wedding for our guests completely free? No? You never noticed that? Well, you should get clicking, friends, and here's seven reasons why:

  1. These wedding websites are free. Like, forever. Always.
  2. They're super easy. No coding or tech-know-how needed. You can fiddle around and change the design a million times, all without ever looking at any code.
  3. Awesome RSVP options. Inviting some folks to the ceremony, but others to the reception? Yeah, no problem.
  4. Custom pages. Want to make a page about your four-legged ring bearer? No problem. Want to create a page for directions? You got it. These wedding websites are truly customizable.
  5. Easy public wedding blogging. Sure, we have the Tribe for your private stuff. But if you want to blog publicly about your wedding planning, we can help you with THAT, too.
  6. Photos and music. You know, if you're into those kinds of things.
  7. Um, zombie wedding website template. Need I say more? I mean, there are tons of great vintage-flavored templates, but I'm pretty sure we've got the only wedding website templates for the undead.

So, if you're even considering making a wedding website, go get signed up and start playing around.

Oh and PS: I'm always looking to scheme with offbeat invitation designers who want to team up to annihilate boring wedding website templates! Get in touch.

  1. This site is AWESOME. I seriously signed up for an account before I even had a wedding date, just to play with the effing templates. I have plans to upgrayedd when I finally AM getting married FO REAL.

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  2. I signed up with these guys in January and created my wed-site with them. It only took a couple of hours to do. It was so easy!

  3. This is already my wedding website, I keep getting comments on how "cool" it is, plus it has been a really great way to communicate venue logistics to people spread all over the country and world!

  4. My fiance and I are using MyWedding.com for our big day, and we heard about it right here on OBB! We're using the firefly template as a base and so far it looks ah-mah-zing!

  5. I can't get the offbeat themes to work for me. Feel like I'm doing something wrong…bah.

    • Had you already signed up through myWedding? When I tried to sign up, it turned out that I already had about two years ago, to park the site name, and it only offered me about 3 of the OBB templates.

    • Hi there, WhisperALullaby & MsFeasance! Bradford from mywedding.com Tech Support here!

      Sorry to hear about your issues with selecting from one of the many awesome OBB website template offerings at mywedding.com.

      If you would like to contact me at techsupport@mywedding.com I'm sure I can get both of you set up with the OBB template of your dreams. Happy to help! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for the help, the one I wanted was actually available on the list of designs later on, but it was frustrating trying to select it from the page and not being able to, despite being already logged in. Eventually it worked though!

        • Well, WhisperALullaby, I'm glad to hear that you were able to make your preferred OBB choice, finally. I'm just sorry it was so frustrating for you.

          I am always happy to assist our site users if issues should arise. So, always feel free to let me know if you need help at techsupport@mywedding.com! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Also? Tech support from a sponsor website who watches the comment thread of a post to see if they can answer any questions or fix any problems? TOTALLY BALLS-OUT COOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Yep. I've got one also. Great features makes it really customizable and really easy!

  7. I am also using them for our wed-site. I ended up using the heart locket design. The designs are beautiful and the website comes with a planner and budgeting tool, which was super useful. I usually lose my lists.

    Same goes for RSVP's and their contacts lists (since we send save the date's by email). It is very easy to keep things organized and get all the information to our guests.

  8. I love mine – has made RSVP tracking so much easier.
    One tiny quibble – and I preface this with the caveat that it could just be my lack of tech skill but – why can't I change the text or photo justification on the pages? The right-hand-side-only justification thing meant I took my photo off the front page cause the resulting funny looking formatting was doing my type-A head in.
    I figured that this was an over the top request for a free website so didn't go to tech support with it. But perhaps this could be a consideration for future updates?

    • Hi IppyHooray!

      You are not alone! Having more formatting options for fonts and photos is a popular request among mywedding.com users and we're working to provide these options in the future.

      And, always feel free to touch base with me at techsupport@mywedding.com if you need anything or have any questions! I'm happy to help in any way that I'm able! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks – that's great to hear that this might be something that will be provided in the future.
        And I just want to echo Sarah and say a huge kudos to you for replying to this thread. Very impressed

  9. By the way, Sarah… thanks for the Tech Support props! Much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, thanks to Everyone for all your comments. mywedding.com loves our Offbeat Brides!

  10. I made a website but I'm not sure I'll use it. I really want it password protected but I just can't see the majority of my guests wanting to create accounts (however easy and hassle free it is) to access the page. They'll just email me. Which defeats the purpose of the site for us.

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    • Hi SadieMarriedLady!

      This is another *popular* request among mywedding.com's site users -> having a 'password only' option for the privacy settings as opposed to having guests register.

      Originally, we set up the registration so that visitors could be identified by their information and a couple could control who had access to their site. But, we realize that different couples have different levels of privacy needs. So, while we don't offer the 'password only' option just yet, it is on our radar! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi SadieMarriedLady!

        I just wanted to follow up on this thread to let you (and everyone else) know that we have updated the "Wedpass" privacy feature for the Free Wedding Websites. There is now an option to disable the guest log-in requirement. Now, brides can choose whether they want to require a password only or have all their guests register AND enter a password. This is a result (and about time!) of the many requests we have received regarding this issue. I hope everyone out there is happy with the change. I know we are!


  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE OffBeat Bride and MyWedding.com. Mildly obsessed would be the word. =) I love our website we were able to create, so happy that I can change the Titles of each page to what we want. I enjoy all the links provided by both sites, and have gotten so many great ideas for the big day. Thanks a million and ten.

    The only thing I would request changing is the extra pages that we can add in have a different format. I wanted to do a bridesmaid page and a groomsman page, but the format isn't conducive to that.=(

    • Hi Jordan! Just thought I'd let you know that I sent an email directly to you about how you can set up Bridesmaids and Groomsmen pages. Check your inbox! (And, possibly your spam/junk folder, just in case.)

  12. The site templates are great, but I can't see how to keep some parts of the event private. It's not nice for evening-only guests to see what they're missing out on.

    I've spoken to the tech support team, and they said it's not possible.

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