A sweet father/daughter dip from 1988

Father-Daughter Dance

I spied this absolutely adorable father/daughter dance shot from 1988 in the Offbeat Flickr Pool and swooned. Daddies dancing with their babies ranks as one of the cutest things ever. Plus, the suit… fabulous. This photo and memory belongs to Barbara. She said of the shot:

It was taken at my Aunt Meg's wedding (my dad's youngest sibling — he's number six of ten!) in January of 1988. I was three at the time. My dad's pretty famous for his "dip." He dipped my mom on the last page of their wedding album, and I had asked him to dance with me like he dances with mommy at weddings. Yes, powder blue suits were "in" in 1988. And yes, my dad can dance.

Thanks for sharing the daddy dip!

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  1. I think this is my favorite picture ever on this site, if not every site. Awesome!

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  2. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like! I had this pic uploaded and tagged on FaceBook, but apparently, my dad's friends started razzing him at work about it… not sure if it was the powder blue suit, or the fact he still had hair… but I love this pic too! We did not dance like this at my wedding, though, instead we did "The Chicken Dance" to prevent my dad from crying.

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  3. The Powder blue tux makes the whole picture. It takes a man of style to pull of the blue tux and he did it in spades.

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