Psst: Brilliant Earth wants to help you out with your Valentine's Day proposal and/or gift!

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Victorian Halo
Could Brilliant Earth's Victorian Halo ring be the best Valentine's Day gift ever?
Brilliant Earth is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Are you or someone you know scheming a Valentine's Day proposal? Or maybe just feel like using V-day as an excuse to shower your sweetie with something extra special? First of all, OMG! Exciting! on both accounts. Secondly, this is where our longtime sponsor Brilliant Earth is going to hook you up. Third, can I help you shop?

Brilliant Earth has the right ring whatever your individual style — modern, classic, antique-inspired, glamorous, nature-inspired, or halo. Look at those amazing ring choices up there? I mean, I feel all a flutter in my inside parts when I look at these rings. Imagine how your lovers inside parts will feel when you surprise 'em with any of these sparklies from Brilliant Earth

Luxe Shared Prong Diamond Ring
For the glamour babies in your life, the Luxe Shared Prong ring is muy elegante! Of course, the whole glamorous ring collection is a total win for your fancy lady.

Luxe Pave Diamond Halo Ring
This Luxe Pave ring is a great example of Brilliant Earth's halo collection, for the EXTRA bling-lovers. Does your partner think "the more sparkles the better?" Brilliant Earth won't steer you wrong with their halo rings.

Luna and Luxe Luna StackMy fluttery inside parts are BEYOND fluttering when I see these rings from Brilliant Earth's modern collection. I mean, come on, if I got one of these puppies for Valentine's Day, my inside parts would get SO happy that I'd just be able to express my excitement in a combo of interpretive dance and doing such amazing things to my partner. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Silver PendantsOf course, Brilliant Earth has sweet gifts for those of you who aren't popping the question. Got someone in your life who you want to spoil this February? Brilliant Earth's silver pendants are for those of you who want to purchase an ethical gift item for your lovah. Head over here for pendant gift ideas.

And for the rest of you engagement ring hunters, you know where to look for your best Valentine's Day gift yet.

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