Unobtainable dream wedding shoes

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Of course we're all working with different wedding budgets and different priorities. For some of us, spending $300 on a pair of shoes for our wedding might not feel like too much. For others, $50 might be too much to spend on a pair of shoes. For this reason, I generally try to keep my shoe posts focused on shoes that are under $250, and always give options that are under $100.

That said, every once in a while I see shoes that just blow my mind. They cost insane amounts ($2300 heels! $500 flats!) but there's just no denying how awesome they are. And you know what? Sometimes just reveling in the awesomeness without asking "Can I afford it?" can be fun. That's called window shopping, and today we're going to do it together with some unobtainable wedding dream shoes. And if you're someone who can afford these, you're freaking stoked right now.

Giuseppe Zanotti - I20168 (Nude) - Footwear
Alexander McQueen - Scarpa Pelle S. Go Nova Whips (Pink) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - I26094 (Purple) - Footwear
Pedro Garcia - Sophie (Bisque Satin) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - I26119 (White) - Footwear
Alexander McQueen - Sandal Pelle S. Cu Daim Velour (Rose) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - E26150 (Fuxia) - Footwear
Robert Clergerie - Jalino (Black Spat) - Footwear
McQ - Creeper (Silver) - Footwear
Salvatore Ferragamo - Cara (Mirtillo) - Footwear
DSQUARED2 - W12A307292-99 (Glitter Multicolor) - Footwear
Paul Smith - Fontaine (Multi) - Footwear

Random bonus shoes (THAT ONLY COSTS $60)

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    • Sarah, you are totally right. Those oxfords are epic. I have a feel that the orange ones are going to be taking me down the aisle next month!

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  1. oh my GAWWWWWWD the Giuseppe Zanotti heels FTW!!!! i want to wear them and absolutely nothing else. 😉 well…maybe an awesome stampunk top hat and nothing else.

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  2. Unf. The pink satin flats and the purple sequined flats are GORGEOUS and, instead of daunting me, the price tag makes me throw up my hands and start brainstorming how to construct similar shoes myself. 8) Thank you for sharing these (even though I feel somewhat hopeless and wistful about the shiny silver creepers).

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  3. Those hot pink lacey flats are on sale! Granted, I've never spent more than $200 on a pair of shoes(Winter boots years ago, still looking good) so I couldn't get them.

  4. Oh wow. The Alexander McQueen pink heels and flats are calling to me…. All of these shoes are amazingly gorgeous!! I definitely can't even begin to think I can actually get them, but I want to try! lol 🙂 Thanks for posting the drool inducing shoes, Ariel!

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  5. Hmm… can't seem to see anything, except the very first shoe and the bonus shoe… maybe it's my mozilla firefox?

  6. Stupid Guiseppes…. why do they have to be so awesome, yet SOOOOO expensive :-/

  7. Why are they so expensive? I mean, I know some of it must be just branding and, really, because they can be, but is there better craftsmanship? Are they really that much more comfortable? Because while I am swooning over those gentle pink with the bow numbers, I'd love a nice pair of heels that I knew would be really comfortable. I'd be willing to shell out a decent chunk of change if I knew they would last and not give me blisters every single time I wore them… Has anyone bought exorbitantly priced shoes and found them better than the cheaper alternatives?

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    • I'm not sure what counts as exorbitant, but I have bought some expensive shoes and without fail, they have been excellently crafted. I think this is true up to a point… $500 shoes are almost always going to be better crafted than $100 shoes, but anything above that is mostly going to be about branding or just more leather (like boots).

  8. I love "window shopping!" I can't afford most of these gorgeous shoes, but I enjoy looking at them. Maybe I can try to spiff up some lower cost heels with these ideas. Thanks!

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  9. I have the Alexander mcqueen skull shoes! Paid 10 euro's ($13) for them at a boutique!! Never knew they were fake designer shoes though, just bought them because they where pink and had a giant skull on them. So unobtainable? NO! Budget: YES!

  10. Ha! It's so lucky that I'm VERY picky about shoes. Even if I had the money, I'd never buy these shoes because none of them suit my taste. 😀

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  11. Ohh, so that explains why I've never seen you feature New Rock… they do have a few things under $250 but not many… I think I paid $270 for my New Rock wedding boots… and that was on sale!

    This is MY current unobtanium dream footwear:
    $900 for the custom hoofwork which DOESN'T include the base price of the boots!!! Um, yeahno. But if I could go back in time I would be wishing I could justify them for my wedding! Good thing I didn't know about them then!

  12. Hilariously, I looked at the review on the Giuseppe heel-less shoe, and it read:

    from On a private island, away from peasants

    "The most comfortable and practical shoes money can buy. I Iike to wear them whilst running and in the garden, playing tennis, or having tea with my stockbroker. "
    LOL. The mental image of someone running in those shoes is quite arresting.

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