Show that you can weather life's storms together under a ceremonial umbrella

Photo by 39 East Vision Photography

We talked about amazing umbrellas a while back, but here's a great way to involve your umbrella in your actual ceremony:

We ended our ceremony with an Indonesian wedding tradition, since that is where we met and is also the birthplace of my father. We sat under an umbrella while our celebrant showered us in a mixture of goodness.

This included turmeric rice, to symbolize prosperity and everlasting love; coins, to remind us to share our wealth with the less fortunate; and candy, to represent sweetness throughout our marriage. It ended up being a highlight of the ceremony and produced some awesome photos. (And the younger kids enjoyed picking up the sweets and coins off the floor!)

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  1. ador-freakin-or–ableeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i plan to use umbrellas cuz I JUST KNOW IT'LL RAIN my special day but this this is toooooo great!! digging the symbolism too ­čÖé

  2. I love love love this idea! What did your venue think of all the stuff on the ground?

  3. Please do not do this. Uncooked rice will be eaten by birds and they will die from it.

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