Traditional-offbeat mash-up

Who says you can't have your traditional ceremony cake and eat your offbeat wedding too? Emily and Geoff Kagan-Trenchard had a relatively traditional Jewish ceremony

And then made a big transformation for the bridal posse photo shoot


Lots of photos on Flickr over here, and even MORE over here. Oh and for all you colorful crinoline fans, be sure to check out this shot!

(PS: All photography by Axel Koester.)

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  1. Awesome! I love the transition and MAN she looks hot in that white/green dress. Holla!

  2. There is so much that is good there that my head is exploding! WOW! Hot tub, awesome crinoline, sassy reception dress with those wicked heels, that older gentleman breaking it down in his wheelchair on the dance floor…YES!

  3. WOW! That ceremonial picture looks AMAZING! And RAWK ON to both of them for being able to mix things up and make it their special day :o)

  4. I agree….I'm definitely one of those brides who are much more traditional leaning, so it's really quite thrilling when I see weddings on here that do too. That ceremony shot is just stunning.

  5. okay, i have to ask… how did you make those crazy lantern dealybobs, and would you mind terribly if i basically copied them?! because thats the highest form of a compliment, you know.

  6. Copy away! We actually rented those lanterns but they were basically just green chinese lanterns (that you can get pretty much anywhere) hanging from a tall collection of wires with hooks on the end. They were supposed to have lights in them, but the lighting people… well, let's just say the lighting people didn't get their final check.
    Oh! And our bridal posse shoot was the day BEFORE the wedding, just to clarify. That would be a really impressive costume change if I managed to get get everyone redressed after the ceremony!

  7. I love the chuppah! I'm going to make ours, and speaking of copying, can I copy the sun design? It's so beautiful.

  8. Yes, we can haz more chuppah info??
    It is beautiful… where did you get it? I'm at a loss for finding one that I like and that could serve a useful purpose after the wedding. Any advice would be lovely! 🙂

  9. OK, so the chuppa I can take zero credit for. It is the standard one used by our temple ( But
    the wedding coordinator is Naomi Lasky. She is awesome and can certainly get you the info 818-530-4084. Tell her I sent you!

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