Timelapse wedding video: 1 frame per minute x 9 hours compressed into 35 seconds = neato

Check out this awesome timelapse video from Eliza Truitt Photography. Eliza explains…

"I made a time-lapse video of a wedding that all took place in one room and it turned out pretty darn cool. One frame per minute x 9 hours compressed into 35 seconds = neato. The shadows moving on the floor are extra cool."

Joy & Will's Wedding Timelapse from Eliza Truitt on Vimeo.

Eliza's right, it IS pretty darn cool. And if you want to see Joy and Will's wedding in more a slow-timey fashion head over to the blog post here.

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  1. Neato, indeed.
    Love looking at how people move around and dance and how the set up moves about.

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  2. yup pretty nifty. Being of planner mind I was instantly interested in what happened with the blue paper lanterns. they line them up all opened and then someone gets up on ladder and they look all strung together and then they all end up on the floor in the aisle..hmmm.

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    • I thought that too. I was wondering if the string just broke or they said "Meh, to hell with it, isle runners they are."

    • I watched this five times just to figure it out. They all end up in a pile adjacent to the dance floor at one point…

  3. That is so fun to watch! My wedding is in multiple rooms (plus outdoors) so there's no way I could do this. But the idea is really cool… Maybe I can find a way to use it.

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