Just a bride and groom chillin in a creek after eloping to Tennessee

September 17 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: You Are Raven
Relaxing after the ceremony in the creek
Photos by You Are Raven

People, look through these photos and just bask in the love radiating from Gabriel and Kemberly. They eloped to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for a super-duper-private DIY wedding. Photographer Raven Shutley tells me that, "The officiant came for the quick ceremony, but she was really only there for a few minutes. Mostly, it was just the four of us (the couple + me and my assistant)."

Raven captured one of the sweetest first looks I've ever seen: Gabriel is giggling, he's so excited. I had to include all of those pics because his expressions are… you've got to see them.

You've also got to see their AMAZING OUTFITS YOU GUYS OH MY. Gabriel has an honest-to-goodness pompadour. Elvis would be jealous. And Kemberley made an amazingly colorful print and tulle wedding skirt. You'll want to get all the way to the end though — that's where the O Brother, Where Art Thou?-inspired mountain stream photos are. Gabriel and Kemberly look like completely relaxed badasses, soakin in a creek with a cigarette. Like you do.

Vibrant print wedding skirt

Colored tulle for wedding skirt

Bride doing her own hair

Blue fedora

Badass groom with cigarette

First look I

First look II

First look III

First look IV

Ceremony I

Ceremony II

Barefoot ceremony

Tennessee porch steps

Flirty bride and groom

Sunlight wedding kisses

Bride with Jack and Coke and cigarette

Simple and lovely wedding cake

Bride just relaxin in the creek

Black-and-white hugs in a creek

Badass Tennessee bride and groom

Groom guns


Photographer: You Are Raven

  1. Although this couple is figuratively smoking I wish offbeat bride had put less literal smoking photos in this set. While I understand putting one in if its an especially amazing photo, there are four in this set. As a former smoker and someone who's mom died from lung cancer, I realize I'm extra sensitive on this issue but this post was quite jarring.

    34 agree
    • While I understand your sensitivity to the issue on the smoking, this was their wedding. They eloped in the fullest extent and they should we celebrated for making it theirs. We as a society need to hold our personal choices, personal. I am a non-smoker, who never smoked. I think that is is a terrible, unhealthy, expensive habit, my hopefully soon to be fiance' is a smoker. I would love for him to stop, but it is a part of him, I love him and always will. I personally love this set of pictures since it seem to represent the couple and not images that the "normal" of society would approve. Please remember that this is OFFBEAT bride.

      1 agrees
  2. I want to know what made the officiant pull that face! lovely atmosphere of the first look too

    7 agree
    • Yes, from the raised eyebrows on the officiant and the belly laugh from the groom, the bride must had some very interesting vows.

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  3. OMG!

    That fabric! That skirt! The glee! The— EVERYTHING!

    Congratulations and…please excuse me while I have a sewgasm over here.



    1 agrees
  4. This wedding immediately screamed "authentic" to me. It's so clear that this couple's wedding reflects EXACTLY who they are in their everyday lives. They seem so comfortable and genuine (and stylish!). I love that.

    Seeing so much smoking is a little jarring because it's just not that common to see in wedding photos, at least not in posed, "glamorized" portraits. But as much as I dislike smoking, I can appreciate that these photos are really authentic. I'd rather see a wedding (and its photos) reflect a couple's true identity than have people looking really uncomfortable because they're trying so hard to be someone other than themselves.

    11 agree

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