Casey & Chad's family-friendly magical Harry Potter wedding

We love us some Harry Potter weddings for all the the fun details: owl save the date card, Marauders' Map-inspired directions card, Daily Prophet program, Chocolate Frog favors, homemade ribbon wands, and of course, a huge, Harry Potter-themed sweets table! Just keep the underage wizards from the booze table!


Join this bride and groom on their wedding bike ride around Madison

I'm super pumped that Fornear PhotoThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them sent us this rad bicycle wedding. Cori and Kevin got married on Friday the 13th last September and then took a leisurely bike ride around town to celebrate. Cori works at Wisconsin's capitol, so of course the couple had to pose for pics there. She makes a wedding dress look like the most natural cycling attire ever, with her red polka-dot cardigan and blue high-heels. Of course, Kevin is positively debonair with a serious beard and robins-egg-blue Converse. And how cute is his rubber ducky boutonniere?


Comfortable, friendly, and awesome wedding photography with a discount from Wisconsin's Dutcher Photography

Rob and Samantha Dutcher are the ex-husband-and-wife team behind our Madison, Wisconsin-based sponsor Dutcher Photography. Yup, you read that right — they're our first ex-married couple photography team! As they explain it: "As ex-spouses who are still best friends and still in business together, we know a little something about non-traditional couples." How awesome is that!? Check out some of my favorite Dutcher Photography wedding pics from quirky couples past, and then take advantage of their offbeat discount…


Karen & Frank's elven fairytale wedding

A little D&D, a little Lord of the Rings, and a whole lot of fairytale flourishes make this wedding a dream for any fantasy lover. We've also got sword arches, a sweet and teary first look, an element ceremony, a choreographed first dance, and a challenging custom-made dress (that was TOTALLY worth it!). Get out your Lembas bread and settle in for this one.


Becky & Pat's destination brewery wedding in Milwaukee

These two live in Boston, but decided to celebrate where they met: Milwaukee, Wisconsin! What better way to celebrate a brewery town than by having your wedding at a restored tasting room? Add in some colorful flowers and bridesmaid dresses, yummy fajitas and pie (oh, and some FAB custom-made invitations), and you've got this destination wedding full of beer-loving guests. Just watch out for slippery dance floors — this bride knows how that can go.


Wisconsin's Fornear Photo: For love, for fun, and for free engagement photos

Matt and Krista of Offbeat sponsor Fornear Photo are a young, fun, tattooed, pierced and creative married couple… you know, kind of like a lot of you. Why all the background? Because on your wedding day you spend a butt-load of time with your photographers, and Matt and Krista sound exactly like the kind of people I wouldn't mind spending eight hours with. Let's talk about how else Fornear Photo can make your wedding day super awesome, including free engagement sessions, and a special discount…


Aron & Kyle's New Year's Eve theater wedding

A purple dress and pin-striped suit in the snow is amazing. The theater and unity cocktail with "Dudeist" officiant is even more to love. Set it on New Year's Eve, make vows to a one-year-old, and give your groomsmen nicknamed tuxedo t-shirts, and we'll all fall in love with your cute asses. Read on to fall in love yourself.


Ellen & Paul's summer camp peacock handfasting

Rising from the depths of the lake at summer camp, it's…. the most adorable crocheted Cthulhu bride and groom cake toppers — the little bride Cthulhu with her peek of peacock dress and the little groom Cthulhu in his kilt and beard. This wedding embraced the gentle nods to weird and sweet personal touches, but shining smiles and hearty laughs win the day.


Rachel & Andy's rustic quirky interactive historical farm wedding

Get out your eagle eyes, because there's a lot to see in this raptor-lovin' wedding. Not only were live birds of prey there for the ogling, but guests got a chance to live in this couple's shared brainspace for a day, with hula hoops, a drum circle, and a couple of celebrities. As if that wasn't enough, guests got their sax on in an ultimate sax-off, and that's after the whole party was Rick Rolled. They're never gonna give you up….


Stephanie & Zachary's budget-friendly courthouse and pizza wedding

This week we're celebrating intimate weddings with destination elopements, cozy city hall vows, and private romantic ceremonies. This time, the groom wore his Class A's and the bride wore a short white dress to their courthouse ceremony with pizza and bar-hopping as the after-party. These two wanted a mid-week ceremony catered to their style, and they definitely did it. Low budget, high fun, epic pizza.


Wisconsin's wedding videographer Don't Shout Films is looking for offbeat couples

Jonathan Wheeler, the photographic eye behind our Wisconsin-based sponsor Don't Shout Films, has been filming weddings for the past three years, and doing wedding photography for seven years. In total, Jonathan has been a part of over a hundred weddings — he's seen seen grand weddings, intimate weddings, and everything in between, but not enough offbeat weddings for his liking. And it's a crime, because Jonathan sounds like "one of us" PLUS he has a special offer for our readers.