8 of America's most unique wedding venues

This January and February, the Lovesick Expo is once again embarking on a nationwide tour, alongside our professional besties at Offbeat Bride. When we first dreamed up this idea, the most important thing to us was that we could find a host venue that also celebrated the independent spirit. We wanted a space that felt a little bit punk rock, a little chill, and most importantly, doubled as a kick-ass wedding venue. Since you may be on the venue hunt, and we've already done the legwork by scouring the country, we thought we'd put together this little profile of eight of the best venues we’ve found across the nation!


Our wedding venue stole our money and ran

When I eventually got engaged, I had one venue at the top of my list; Brooklyn's reBar. We immediately put down a deposit and made monthly payments for 18 months. We had 17 days until our wedding, I was freaking out over whether or not my mantilla veil had been delivered, when I got a Facebook notification that reBar was closed.


An ode to the cookie cutter: why a "wedding factory" works for me

I can't lie; part of me has struggled with the fact that I am not completely being a build-it-yourself "budget bride" like I had anticipated I would be. I'm letting myself splurge on a little luxury — the luxury of not having to fret about every little detail and allowing people who know what they're doing take the reins. Even though there will be plenty of opportunities for personal creativity in the ceremony, garb, décor, and atmosphere… I still feel a little bit like a sell-out.


How much money are you willing to put into your offbeat-ness?

I've just started looking around at venue options, and I'm realizing that my dream venue (funky and yes, offbeat) is potentially going to cost us TWICE as much as this more traditional, kinda-boring venue that offers wedding packages. Thinking about this reminded me again that offbeat does NOT necessarily mean less expensive! Then it made me wonder how much other Offbeat Bride readers are willing to spend to pursue their nontraditional visions — versus going lower-budget for a more packaged wedding. Given that many corners of the wedding industry are set up with packages, how do you decide between an easy/low-budget package vs. a more expensive but more authentic offbeat vision?


My Google-fu is busted: how do I search for unique wedding venues?

I'm convinced if I could save some money if I could find a venue not typically usually used for weddings. I started on Google, of course, but gave up after several hours. I can't get a search engine to pull up any options like that because they aren't typically considered a wedding venue. And if I search for anything that includes the word venue, I just get the expensive venues. Then I tried talking to family and friends. Then I went to Craigsist. Both were dead ends. Help?


6 unique wedding venues that are going to make you wet your pants a little

As you may have heard, the Lovesick Expo is embarking on a nationwide tour alongside our professional besties at Offbeat Bride. Our goal has always been to bring the most creative couples and wedding vendors together under one roof to show the best, most creative wedding talent in each city — beyond the Google searches and reality TV shows. Since you may be on the venue hunt, and we've already done the legwork by scouring New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, we thought we'd put together this little profile of six of the best venues in the nation!


The Holman Ranch Vineyards & Winery is the rustic chic venue of your wine country wedding dreams

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, California, our sponsor the historic Holman Ranch Vinyards and Winery provides the perfect rustic-chic setting for your wine country wedding. Wanna hear some awesome name-drop-y history? The estate served as an exclusive hideaway for many Hollywood celebrities including Charlie Chaplin! Now do you wanna hear how Holman Ranch is going to rock your wine country wedding? Even on a smaller budget? Of course you do…