Surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities

Is it just me, or is it difficult being an Offbeat Bride on more traditional websites? While I love to talk about planning weddings, why are the communities on these websites as a whole so judgmental? Is it just me that's met with this…hostility, if I even dare to ask about something that seems too offbeat, taboo, and "rude?" We're just surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities…


How did you get yourselves out of a wedding planning slump?

Why did I get so much done the first couple weeks of being engaged, and now I'm doing NOTHING? I was on a freaking roll! Guest list, hashtags, narrowing down dates… even looking at wedding dresses! We've been engaged for over a month, and now I'm dead in the water. Did you ever get into the doldrums of wedding planning? How did you get yourselves out?

Mad how-to skills: Using Google Spaces for wedding planning

We love us some Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) for wedding planning. You can create spreadsheets, shareable documents, and all kinds of helpful databases for your wedding planning team to use. Google just recently launched a new service called Google Spaces which functions as a project planning tool for sharing ideas, photos, links, YouTube vids, and all kinds of documents on which to comment and share between your people. Here's how we'd use Google Spaces for wedding planning.

How baseball games can help you plan a wedding

Just putting it out there that season tickets to baseball games might be the best way to wedding plan — hours of doing nothing but sitting, talking, drinking, snacking, and cheering on your local sports team together, peppered with wedding brain storming. Here are all the things we came up with while watching baseball…