So you want to craft a processional…

A processional is an important element of any wedding ceremony. We're creating a special moment that separates the mundane, everyday life from the extraordinary, ceremonial moment of your wedding. I'm going to talk through a fairly traditional processional. Although I'll be using the terms "bride" and "groom," this doesn't mean that ANY of these positions and traditions can't be used by anyone in any way they want…


The "Shit People Suggest" spreadsheet

The fella and I got engaged right before we traveled home to see our families for a vacation. We both have incredibly kind, welcoming families, so I was prepared for the outpouring of joy, and I was prepared to answer the inevitable when-where-who questions, too. But then, the suggestions started rolling in… At the same time, I felt like my ideas were being dismissed out-of-hand. On our last day of our vacation, I had a minor meltdown in the car. I didn't know how to respond to the onslaught of suggestions we had received. Until I had a stroke of genius…


4 things that nobody tells you about getting engaged

I've been told my entire life — by movies, books, and trashy reality shows — that your wedding is just a magical event. Well, I've been engaged a few months now, and I'm ready for my magical moments to start happening. Getting engaged is pretty much like every other adult situation in your life: no one knows what they are doing and literally everyone is faking that they do. So that future generations don't succumb to the same delusion that I was blissfully in, I've compiled a list of things that nobody tells you about getting engaged.


What no one tells the newly-engaged: you don't have to plan it all today!

We KNOW some of you just got engaged, and are now being bombarded with questions: When's it happening? What setting are you picturing? What's your theme? How can I help? Have you thought about decor? Can I get you in touch with my baker friend? Your friends and family are asking these questions because they're excited for you, and want to give you the opportunity to share your own excitement.

When you get peppered with these questions your response, however, may not be excitement… it may be anxiety.


Wedding junk mail: When life gives you garbage, make confetti!

With my marketing and public relations background, I really should have known that once I started calling vendors, my name would wind up on someone's mailing list. For the last several weeks, I have been receiving regular junk mail from my area's WIC staple vendors. So I've come up with several solutions of what to do with all that gross junk mail…


From pissy to pretty calm: How to plan your wedding, Project Manager-style

My fiancé and I are both project management types — at work, and in our general personalities. So, we have weekly wedding planning meetings with agendas. This has managed to keep us sane, speaking to each other, productive, and focused on other things, like unpacking the house we just bought, getting through a terribly hectic time at work, enjoying each other, and focusing on my nearly-six year old son. Here's how we plan our wedding, Project Manager-style…


How postponing my wedding saved my marriage

We were at the two-months-till-the-wedding mark, and I was losing it. I've never handled stress terribly well, and I have this nasty habit of taking that out on whoever's closest. I didn't realize the wedding stress and our constant arguments were related. In fact, it didn't even click until I sat in tears on my best friend's bed after yet another stupid argument. She asked me, gently, "Are you sure you want to go through with the wedding?" I realized that I couldn't say yes.


How do I STOP planning the wedding?

Most of my wedding planning is done. There's not much left really, except the minor things that will get wrapped up right before… but I feel like there is so much left to do and keep getting the urge to add more, and more! I try to remind myself that we are on a budget and what we got already is fine… but then why do I want to add, for instance, photos/or/drawings of us around the venue? I am stuck in bridal over-planning mode! How do I STOP organizing and planning and take a step back? Is this just feeling that will linger until the final days where I can actually SEE things come together?