Save money, time, and sanity: 11 things you can totally skip to simplify your wedding planning

So you just got engaged and are now being bombarded with "must-haves," "to-dos," and "checklists," amirite? Hey, we're guilty of it, too. Our blanket advice has always been: Do what you want! In this case, we're talking about stuff you can totally skip that most people won't notice. Here's how you can simplify your wedding and save yourself some time, money, and sanity by allowing yourself to skip some (or all!) of these "must-dos."


Our big list of wedding planning apps! Part I: inspiration and collaboration tools

The days of a big ol' binder for planning a wedding are long gone. The reign of the wedding planning app has taken over. Let's put together an update to this post from 2012 (technology moves fast!) and see what new and fancified wedding planning apps there are to help you plan your wedding. For Part I, we're starting with apps that help with gathering notes, collaborating on ideas, and overall wedding planning.


Thinking Bride: How Offbeat Bride helped me be more authentic

I actually found Offbeat Bride through a site (that shall remain nameless but not blameless) where the writer was mocking it. The tone of the mockery was, "Look at these weirdos who think they're so special and different!" But here's the thing: I WANTED my wedding to be special and different. Now, over a year later and as my wedding date quickly approaches, I shall literally count the ways in which Offbeat Bride has helped me. If it weren't for Offbeat Bride, my wedding would have been a lot more…


What funeral planning taught me about wedding planning

I've planned two funerals before planning my wedding. The first was my own funeral. My cancer came before we had a chance to speak of marriage, and preparing for the worst outcome took priority. It was not unlike planning a wedding (albeit in four days flat), and I've learned these lessons on how to celebrate life — whether this is a life that has gone or is about to start…