The 10 things to help you keep calm and plan a destination wedding

I have been planning my destination wedding for over a year. I'm part of several destination weddings forums and I've heard my share of horror stories. So take what I say with a grain of salt, but here is some advice that might help newbie destination couples keep their sanity while planning their wedding.


When family tragedy strikes during wedding planning

To every cloud there is a silver lining — and the silver lining to my father's stroke and the fear that we were going to lose him was that when, five months later (six months until the wedding), my fiancé's mother died suddenly and unexpectedly. I was much better equipped to understand what he was going through. And I was better able to support him. In those first few days after she died we talked about many things, some trivial and some very important…


Mingling strategies, and digestive system problems: Don't ignore THIS post-wedding advice!

I fervently wish I had paid more attention to the journals and blogs with the post-wedding "what I learned" lists when I was planning. Alas, I kept thinking "that could never happen to me!" and thus ran into a few problems during the day of my wedding. I also stumbled across some things that are not regularly discussed (post wedding shoots? Having a mingling strategy?) and thought I'd share…


Couple.me is the communication app that can help you plan your wedding and kiss each other from miles away

Wanna hear about something freaking adorable? Our new sponsor Couple is free, private messaging app for, well, couples! It's basically an intimate communication channel for just two people (think: the opposite of Facebook), which incorporates features like a shared calendar, to-do lists, venue/restaurant search, location sharing, and live interactions (including one of the cutest ways virtually "kiss" I've ever seen). Besides using Couple to be adorable with each other, you and your partner may need this baby to help make wedding planning a breeze…


An ode to the cookie cutter: why a "wedding factory" works for me

I can't lie; part of me has struggled with the fact that I am not completely being a build-it-yourself "budget bride" like I had anticipated I would be. I'm letting myself splurge on a little luxury — the luxury of not having to fret about every little detail and allowing people who know what they're doing take the reins. Even though there will be plenty of opportunities for personal creativity in the ceremony, garb, décor, and atmosphere… I still feel a little bit like a sell-out.