10 magic images that show what weddings look like when you combine portrait and documentary photography

Wanna see how amazing wedding photography can be when you combine portrait and documentary photography? Photography Liza, from San Fransisco-based Juniper Spring Photography, has an incredible style of romantic, light-filled portraits combined with photojournalism skills. Be prepared to be stunned by these pics, and then be prepared to take advantage of a special wedding photography discount…


"Holy crap this is happening!" 5 momentous black and white wedding photos + a photography discount

Believe it or not, I am old enough that when I started seriously studying photography, I learned to shoot with black and white film, and develop it in an actual darkroom. As a photojournalist, my emphasis was on capturing candid, story-telling photographs of human emotions. What really sets me apart are photojournalistic shots that speak to my darkroom roots. There’s something about black and white photography that distills the emotional impact of the moment. Without color, you really can feel how mind-blowing that “Holy crap! I’m getting in my wedding dress! This is happening!” moment was.