This San Francisco photographer may do anything and go anywhere to get you amazing wedding photos

We highly recommend San Francisco photographer Dustin Cantrell for his non-stop flow of wedding photography gorgeousness, and the fact that he'd pretty much do anything to get the right shot. (We're talking traveling, and covering himself head-to-toe in plastic to get shoot a very rainy day wedding, and climbing over jagged rocks.)

Check out these incredible shots from his wedding and engagement shoots all over the world…


The wedding photographer for happy people, naked people, and tattooed unicorns

Here's what our sponsor Allebach Photography he wrote when our website robots asked him to describe himself (for the umpteenth time): "fun stuff. amazing stuff. happy people. naked people. unicorns. tattoos. the gays!"

All of those things are awesome. All of those things describe our readers. And all of those things are what makes this Philadelphia wedding photographer so awesome. Check it out…