The wedding photographer for happy people, naked people, and tattooed unicorns

Here's what our sponsor Allebach Photography he wrote when our website robots asked him to describe himself (for the umpteenth time): "fun stuff. amazing stuff. happy people. naked people. unicorns. tattoos. the gays!"

All of those things are awesome. All of those things describe our readers. And all of those things are what makes this Philadelphia wedding photographer so awesome. Check it out…


10 incredible Seattle wedding photos that'll make you instantly happy

You would never know it by looking at all her happy wedding images, but our longtime sponsor Jenny GG Photography was victim to a huge fire last month! Thankfully no one got hurt, and, while of her stuff is gone, Jenny's amazing wedding imagery still remains.

Let's ALL take a page from Jenny's book today, and focus on some of her amazing Seattle wedding photos that'll make us forget that bad things ever happen…

These couples thought affordable wedding photography was impossible… and then they met Milestone Images

Every single one of these couples your about to see had special circumstances where professional photography wasn’t in the cards without something amazing happening. And yet… they ended up with these fantastic professional wedding photos from our longtime sponsor Angie Gaul from Milestone Images.

Scroll through, be impressed, then find out how you can possibly get Angie to help you with your seemingly impossible wedding photography needs…