Get to know the Seattle wedding photographers with the "anti-stranger-danger" business model (plus a special discount!)

I get it. Unless you're super-close friends with a photographer, choosing the right random stranger to shoot your wedding is a high stakes choice! What if I told you our sponsor Diwas Photography has a built-in "anti-stranger danger" business model? What was that noise? Was it the sound of your anxiety letting up? I bet. Let me and some of their past clients ease your wedding photographer hiring anxiety a little bit more by telling you about their special discount for our readers…


What is "slice of life" photography and why it will save your wedding photos

We had a discussion with one of our favorite photographers, Austin-based Madelinne Grey about her philosophy in capturing the key moments in a wedding day in a super natural and realistic way. Let me tell you, it was illuminating. She has some serious skills and a really natural method that's right in line with the needs of offbeat couples. If you want less stiff and formal posed shots and more sweet moments and telling details, then "slice of life" photography is going to be YOUR JAM. Let's talk with Madelinne about it and how she'll run with the concept to your utter delight.


Your wedding theme, venue, or hair could get you a SLAMMIN' photography discount

Wedding photography real talk: The more you photograph weddings, the more talented you become. And the more you talented you become, the more you charge for your super-awesome-above-the-norm services. Which is great — Yay kicking ass at your craft! BUT the more you charge… the less you shoot certain kinds of lower-budget offbeat weddings.

That's why Karina Picache of OhKarina Photography. has a master plan that involves THREE special discounts for Offbeat Bride readers. One involves Karina's own photography wishlist…


Sexy stormtroopers & the king of all photobombers: 5 unbelievable wedding photos from Mike Allebach

Look at that photo before you. Just look at it! Is this not one of the best bridesmaid photos you've ever seen? It's like a photo straight from Darth Vader's wedding album!

Speaking of great photos, allow me to show off four more so-awesome-they're-almost-unbelievable photos from longtime sponsor, and friend of the Empire, Mike Allebach. And while we're wrapping our minds around these incredible images, you can also wrap your mind around his special offer to our readers…