Colorado's Carrie Swails Photography is your ticket to geeky, quirky, and rockin' photo bliss

Couples in Colorado: meet your new photographer best friend. Want to know why? Because this chick is a full-on Lord of the Rings-loving, too many dogs-owning (or can there be too many?), Simon Pegg-quoting, awkward pose-hating, ultra rad photographer who totally embraces ALL your offbeat quirks. I'm talking about Denver- and Boulder-based Carrie Swails Photography. We've talked about her before, and we already know that Tribesmaids and readers love her. Now you get to meet her and see if she's your wedding photographer match. I have a feeling she just might be.


Let's get to know LA-based Evangeline Lane, the globe-trotting, bi-coastal wedding photographer

You might remember LA-based Evangeline Lane from her serendipitous experience getting into photography, this most seriously delightful Independence Day wedding, or maybe even met her at the San Francisco Lovesick Expo. Let's talk about what makes Evangeline tick and why she just might be your saving grace in catching all the amazing details at your wedding. And of course, there's a special package waiting just for readers of Offbeat Bride.


Philadelphia's Allebach Photography is booking in your neighborhood (and has TWO discounts)

Philly-based photographer Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography is one guy you've likely already heard us rave about before. Around these parts, he's been known to totally rock the tattooed wedding market, and HALF of his bookings are same-sex couples. On top of it all, Mike has been partnering with us for over six years and has used his expertise to write some pretty boss posts for us.


Wedding photography that's "a little nerdy and a lot laid back" from Atlanta's YouAreRaven

Photographer Raven Shutley is a traveling wedding photographer, who's as obsessed with emotions and what makes you YOU. So if one of you is chillin' in a creek in your wedding clothes, or a Star Wars fanboy, and the other is Browncoat, then your Boba Fett/Jayne wedding portrait request is exactly what Raven wants to shoot. Let's talk about how you can get your hands on your own photoshoot mash-up of you-ness with a special discount from YouAreRaven.


Are photographers going to start offering discounts for unplugged weddings?

In my almost-eight years of running Offbeat Bride and working with wedding photographers, I've heard of photographers offering potential clients discounts for all sorts of things: discounts for destination weddings, discounts for LGBT-identified couples, discounts for sci-fi weddings or elopements and all sorts of other niche weddings. But yesterday was the first time I saw a photographer who's offering a discount for couples doing an unplugged wedding. Is this a new thing?


What are destination wedding photographer Dustin Cantrell's 3 favorite things about offbeat weddings?

Guess who Ariel and I partied with at Lovesick in San Francisco? Our sponsor Dustin Cantrell! We had a blast with this guy who (we decided) is as awesome as he is talented. Which means it's a safe bet that you will have a blast with him at your wedding… no matter where it is. Let's look at some of Dustin's favorite shots from his favorite locations, while we talk about his three favorite things about shooting offbeat couples…