6 reasons to meet your vendors in person before you book (and meet Melissa Miksch at Lovesick!)

When it comes to choosing vendors for your wedding, to whom you'll pay money, spend lots of time, and depend upon, it's pretty important to have faith in them, amirite? Meeting in person is such a neat way to get to know them, make sure they feel your vibe, and maybe even make a new friend. Let's talk about why meeting your vendors, and specifically our sponsor, Seattle area-based photographer Melissa Miksch, in person beforehand will ease all your vendor-related fears.


5 ways to get the most from your wedding photography with Madelinne Grey

Investing in a good wedding photographer is a great way to ensure that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed and your memories don't fade away after the day is over. But that's only part of the picture since you can have an active role in making those photos happen, too. Let's talk about how you can make choices in your wedding planning and timing that make getting that killer shot even more likely.


Knife-wielding guests and the robot apocolypse: One photographer's adventures in wedding absurdity

Matthew Bender's the best kind of photographer for couples that want photos of great moments, not just another pic of them looking at the camera and smiling with a guest. His photo-journalistic wedding photography style is all about staying in the background as much as possible. In doing so, the dude has witnessed and captured some unbelievable wedding moments…


How to make your photographer feel like a friend-tographer

I'm Angie Gaul, I am an avid Offbeat Bride reader, and have been since I started planning my own wedding way back in 2007. I keep coming back because I love the community here, along with the other Offbeat Wives who still read after their weddings. I love weddings, obviously, and I love learning about people's cultures and subcultures, and I really love the respectful tone and intelligent level of commentary and discussion that Ariel, Megan, and the rest of the team work so hard to maintain.

I read the same articles you do, so I know that Offbeat Bride readers are really debating going back and forth between having a friend take their photos and a vendor. I so get this. That's why I try to offer the best of both worlds…


Colorado's Carrie Swails Photography is your ticket to geeky, quirky, and rockin' photo bliss

Couples in Colorado: meet your new photographer best friend. Want to know why? Because this chick is a full-on Lord of the Rings-loving, too many dogs-owning (or can there be too many?), Simon Pegg-quoting, awkward pose-hating, ultra rad photographer who totally embraces ALL your offbeat quirks. I'm talking about Denver- and Boulder-based Carrie Swails Photography. We've talked about her before, and we already know that Tribesmaids and readers love her. Now you get to meet her and see if she's your wedding photographer match. I have a feeling she just might be.