Black Friday for weddings: Hurry up and snag these special deals from our awesome vendors

Here's a first for Offbeat Bride: We're bringing you some wedding-related Black Friday deals! We have amazing-but-fleeting special promos from a lot of your favorite sponsors, as well as some newbies that we're delighted to show you. From photography deals to cocktails and gifts for your wedding party, you're not going to want to miss out on these special offbeat Black Friday offers…


When lightsabers meet Harry Potter wands, Sharma Shari is there to capture the geek magic

Southeast US wedding photographer Sharma Shari specializes in geeky and offbeat weddings. She seriously makes it her business to find, cherish, nurture, and beautifully capture geeky and wild weddings and everything about them that we love. When Sharma found Offbeat Bride, it was love at first nerd-filled sight. HER PEOPLE! Let's dig into what tickles Sharma's nerd core and why that will make your wedding photos that much more awesome.


5 amazing Northeast wedding venues (AND a Black Friday deal from Alysha Yoder!)

Our girl, Pennsylvania-based Alysha Yoder, has everything we'd want in a kick-ass wedding photographer. She's also seen some epic Northeast wedding venues from comic book stores to wineries to hotels in the style of The Shining. Let's talk about a few of her favorite venues where she's photographed weddings and how her skills will translate into making YOUR wedding photos ultra magical. OH: and there's a special Black Friday deal in store for you, too.


Vegas, baby! Make Taylored Photo Memories your Las Vegas wedding photographer partner in crime

McKenzi Taylor of Taylored Photo Memories initially started with small weddings and elopements in Las Vegas and eventually found a seriously kick-ass niche in what she called "Adventure Weddings": helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon, Rock Climbing, etc. So when we say that she and her crew can handle anything, we mean it. Let's talk about how this rad photographer crew has grown, the amazing kinds of offbeat they've already seen (and of which they want to see more!), and how you can nab their skills for your own wedding day.