3 ways San Francisco-based 43rd Ave. Photography will bring out your wedding's inner mojo

Finding photographers who are open to your ideas (offbeat or otherwise), can capture real moments in your wedding that aren't just staged group shots, and know how to interact with you and your guests is SO valuable. That's why we especially love Nicole and Stephen from 43rd Ave. Photography. Let's talk about our top 3 ways these guys totally rock your wedding journalism-style to capture all of its (and your!) personality.


The Bish is back! Seattle photographer Carly Bish has TWO wedding photography discounts for our readers

Hold on to your various undergarments, because our sponsor, Seattle photographer (and brand new mama!) Carly Bish is back and in your face with some incredible photos and discounts. The last time she was on Offbeat Bride, she taught you how to think like a photographer on your wedding day, now we're here to tell you why you should think about Carly Bish for your wedding day.


3 ways to get your most authentic wedding photos with Richmond's Tiffany Heidenthal

We love seeing your gorgeous, lovingly created decor, but seeing the real moments in the day — the vow goof at the ceremony, the guests admiring the flower grandmas, the reactions to the best man's speech — those are the moments you want to capture authentically. Here are some tips for making sure you're making the most of your pro photographer and capturing those genuine emotions. And I'll introduce Richmond-based Tiffany Heidenthal Photography who OWNS in that department.


Exploring black and white wedding photography with Diwas Photography

The thing that stood out to me — a wedding blogger who sees thousands of stunning weddings, photographers, and wedding photos every day — was that much of their work is in black and white… and it is awesome. I know we at Offbeat Bride are constantly going "ooh, sparkles, glitter, and rainbow unicorns!" But Diwas Photography can make us ooh and ahh the same way over the same things, without even needing color. Of course they also shoot in color (we'll show you a couple of those shots, including one of our very own Ariel), but let's first talk about the power of black and white photography when it comes to weddings…