The "just don'ts," self care, and discussion board reminders we all need during wedding planning

Having had an account on The Knot since I was 13, when the internet was just a place of pretty, floofy things with which I could pretend to plan my virtual future, I thought I had cultivated a good notion of what planning my actual wedding would be like. Sure, a little more involved than the average person would expect, but there are so many tools and people to help, and people to do it every day. No big deal. Like the Megabus bathroom I got locked in after my engagement, wedding planning turned from deceptively easy in-and-out adventure, to getting sealed in a small airless space that just smelled like poo. Here are the top five things to remember during wedding planning.


Surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities

Is it just me, or is it difficult being an Offbeat Bride on more traditional websites? While I love to talk about planning weddings, why are the communities on these websites as a whole so judgmental? Is it just me that's met with this…hostility, if I even dare to ask about something that seems too offbeat, taboo, and "rude?" We're just surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities…


What new photographers NEED to know about photography pricing

The sky isn't falling and the photography industry doesn't need another "price justification" blog post to share with clients. Yes, owning a photography business is tough. Owning any business is tough. Especially "fun" businesses. I still have hard days, weeks, and months. There is more competition than ever, yes. There are also lots of photographers who have successful businesses… based on solid business principles. Mike Allebach is here to keep it real with new photographers about their photography pricing.