Surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities

Is it just me, or is it difficult being an Offbeat Bride on more traditional websites? While I love to talk about planning weddings, why are the communities on these websites as a whole so judgmental? Is it just me that's met with this…hostility, if I even dare to ask about something that seems too offbeat, taboo, and "rude?" We're just surviving as offbeat in mainstream online communities…


What new photographers NEED to know about photography pricing

The sky isn't falling and the photography industry doesn't need another "price justification" blog post to share with clients. Yes, owning a photography business is tough. Owning any business is tough. Especially "fun" businesses. I still have hard days, weeks, and months. There is more competition than ever, yes. There are also lots of photographers who have successful businesses… based on solid business principles. Mike Allebach is here to keep it real with new photographers about their photography pricing.


Overdone wedding trends that have jumped the shark

I read one article with a trend expert who explained, "Gone are the days of the white hydrangea," and I thought — wait, the white hydrangea had days? What the fuck?

On any given day, you can simultaneously find someone bemoaning and celebrating the exact same fucking trend! Boho weddings are sooooo hot this year! No wait: "We'll see the bohemian trend head out before you know it."