It's not just about the bride: The Wedding Industry puts pressure on bridesmaids too!

Somehow the lines of friendship and being a bridesmaid have been blurred by the wedding industry. "Requiring" bridesmaids to throw over-the-top bachelorette parties, or instructing brides that all of their bridesmaids must have matching monogramed robes as gifts, are ways to get people to open their checkbooks just a little more. Wedding websites, magazines and Pinterest are filled with lists and suggestions that can make one feel like, if they aren't throwing a lavish bridal shower, they aren't doing it right.


What happened when we put OUR wedding needs first…

Somehow, it is portrayed as perfectly normal to make huge exceptions for your wedding day, from going into debt to inviting too many people, to having melt-downs over canapés. Of the traditional wedding "must-haves," we didn’t want most, don’t need many, and can’t have some. We said "no" over and over — feeling like rather fussy inconsiderate people. But here's what’s happened since we’ve put our wedding planning needs first…


Obvious and outdated: is my work here done?

The Offbeat Bride book was first released in December of 2006, with a second edition in January of 2010. The wedding it described happened in 2004, and I wrote the bulk of the book ten years ago. The fact that people still buy the book at all is only because of this here website, but somehow people do continue to buy it… and sometimes review it on Amazon.

A negative review came in a couple months ago that blew my mind in the best possible way.