Cheers to these Star Wars wedding pint glasses

Tribesmaid Miriam and her fiancé Brian are serving home-brewed beers at their wedding, which just happens to be on May 4th. So it only made sense for them to have pint glass favors that not only embrace the Star Wars-y spirit of the date, but after the wedding can do double duty as barware for their guests.


The wedding day Shenanigans Box: "look ridiculous in the best way"

Once our reception got into full swing, we whipped out what we call "The Shenanigans Box." The shenanigans box is a staple among our big family of friends. Whenever we throw parties or go out to karaoke bars, etc., we bring a giant box of silly adornments — blow-up toys, silly hats, funny glasses, and glow sticks. It makes ALL of our photos look ridiculous in the best way. I employed a few strategies for a successful shenanigans box…


Take "yay" flags up a notch with team flags

Ann and Eric wanted a festive conclusion to their wedding ceremony, so as guests entered the venue, they were handed "team flags" with the bride or groom's name. Guests then cheered and waved their flags when the pair walked back down the aisle, and it looks like there were big smiles all around.