Stick it to your guests with wedding decor from StickerYou.com

We're always lusting after fun ideas for customizing wedding decor. Our sponsor, StickerYou.com, allows you to create seriously kick-ass designs that you can affix to your favors, your bottles, your floor, and even your body. Here are our top five favorite ways to customize your decor with labels and decals from StickerYou.com.


Set sail with 19 nautical wedding invitations, dresses, favors, and other ideas

Wow. There is so much you can do with a nautical-themed wedding! The locations, the food, the decor, the invitations, and let's just acknowledge the magnitude of style one can achieve here, all right? We've been so blown away by the port-side, ship-side, and ocean-side weddings we've been seeing lately that we knew we had to get them all into one place for you. While we were at it, we threw in a few things to help you achieve your own sea-faring wedding vision.


Cheers to these Star Wars wedding pint glasses

Tribesmaid Miriam and her fiancé Brian are serving home-brewed beers at their wedding, which just happens to be on May 4th. So it only made sense for them to have pint glass favors that not only embrace the Star Wars-y spirit of the date, but after the wedding can do double duty as barware for their guests.