A Friday the 13th wedding with the most EPIC horror movie wedding trailer ever

The horror movie-style trailer alone is worth the look, but just wait until you see what this spectacularly scary Friday the 13th wedding has in store. Think a black and white gown, Jason masks, children being adorably creepy, blood red decor, a "till death" horror movie cake, and SO many more amazing and horrific details. Get ready to shiver at this Friday the 13th wedding!


This stop-motion save-the-date tells a long distance love story (with dynamite!)

Justine and Josh crafted one of the most creative save-the-date videos we've ever seen. It's like stop-motion animation meets live action comedy meets sheer adorable charisma. I'm pretty sure anyone would cancel all of their plans to accept this particular invitation.

Plus, a whole lot of us know the pain that a long distance relationship can bring. This pair took 90+ hours (each!) to craft this epic stop-motion save-the-date FROM OPPOSITE COASTS!

This is the magic that happens when pro filmmakers direct their wedding invitation video

We've got a KILLER wedding coming tomorrow that will blow your mind (think a T-Rex costume entrance, the funniest "cake cutting" ever, and the fact that it's gorgeous as hell). I couldn't wait to share their pièce de résistance, the cinematic masterpiece that is their wedding invitation video. Full disclosure: these two are actual, real filmmakers who are uber talented, so NO FAIR. But at least we get to enjoy it! Here's what Kirsten and husband Dan had to say about it…

Don't throw away your shot at seeing this Hamilton wedding surprise

If you're lucky to be among the few who have seen Hamilton live, we salute you. The rest of us will go back to binge listening to the soundtrack and weeping softly into our Lin-Manuel Miranda body pillows. In either case, you're going to want to see this Hamilton wedding surprise where a groom, Landon, goes ALL OUT rapping to his bride, GiGi. It's as good as it sounds…