The (literal) cheesiest unity ceremony ever: a unity pizza-cutting ceremony

Don't think it wasn't super hard to not make a "cutting the cheese" reference while I was writing this. You're welcome. Unless you're into fart jokes, then I'm sorry. Moving on. We celebrated Minerva and Max's flamingo-clad vow renewal a while back and couldn't wait to circle around again to remind you about one of our fave parts: the unity pizza-cutting ceremony! What's better than taking the food you love and the person you and combining it all into a unity ceremony? Nuthin'.


Guacamole unity ceremony: How to work in a SNACK at the altar (with script!)

"Avocado is the foundation of one killer combo. It's filling and nutritious. They're best picked when ripe — when the time is right to be mashed together in delicious harmony." Yep, that's how this GUACAMOLE UNITY CEREMONY started. In the fine footsteps of the famed unity sandwich, this wedding in Mexico took the beloved snack and made it into delicious unity ceremony bliss with way more meaning than you might expect. Let's see the whole thing, script included…


Honor your moms with a "Mother's Kiss" at your ceremony

There are lots of ways to show your love and respect to your parents (and parent-like figures in your life) at the ceremony. They can light unity candles, walk you down the aisle, do readings, be given a flower, and of course, be memorialized, if that's the situation. But we love the idea of the "mother's kiss" from Jacqueline and Felipe's country glamour wedding.

They decided to honor their mothers by getting one last kiss as single people before they were married. It was pretty damn sweet. Here's how they did it.


This couple created some epic art with their unity ceremony

Selena and Stephen had the most super duper adorable Disney/Pixar's Up-themed wedding featuring hot air balloon glowing centerpieces, rainbow balloon cake, grape soda boutonnieres, Carl and Ellie-style mailbox card box, balloon thumbprint guest book print, and balloon shots galore. It made our LIFE. But what really got us in the feels was when they showed us the spoils of their unique and creative unity ceremony: a custom-made unity ceremony sculpture by one of our favorite vendors, Unity in Glass. Let's talk about what they created with their unity ceremony and how you can snag a stunning custom unity ceremony sculpture of your own.