Jack Skellington presided at this glittery green Halloween wedding

Hannah and Torren got into autumn big time with their steampunk/gothic Halloween wedding in Colorado last year. Hannah's favorite color is green — you might pick up on when you check out the photos of her green hair and green dress! Torren's is purple. Dude looks pretty sweet in his purple suit, y'all. Shimmery, spooky, green, and purple details are everywhere you look.


Murphy & Deagle's monochromatic video games wedding

Black and white stripes, a sexy pin-up dress, long black gloves, and a groom in red — this wedding is very enticing. Add in all of the video game references (including in the vows!), and you've got the best combination of gamer geeks and total hotties. Don't miss the Mario centerpieces and the bride's swanky top hat and Batman ring!


This Colorado wedding is a Tim-Burton-flavored carnival

Mara and Josh went for a theme with a Tim Burton twist for their Colorado wedding last June and nailed it. Look for black and white stripes everywhere, splashes of pink where it counts (even in Mara's hair!), and tons of carnival details in every photo: Altoid tins turned circus trains? Guestbook attendants in a ticket booth? Stilt walkers in corsets? A steampunk officiant? CHAINSAW JUGGLERS?


Sarah & Troy's Beetlejuice-themed, epic FX movie wedding

You may have already seen the sneak peek of this wedding's head-shrinkingly amazing Beetlejuice decor, but you haven't seen anything yet! In addition to the sand worms, Handbooks of the Recently Deceased, and the sculptures from the movie. There were silly vows, a sweet father/daughter dance, and of course, the amazingly accurate Beetlejuice officiant that would give Michael Keaton a run for his money!


Cristin & Frank's Nightmare Before Christmas wedding

An intricate headpiece, a lush brooch bouquet, a Renaissance-style purple and black dress, and some Nightmare Before Christmas details — it's a wedding any Tim Burton fan would love. With lots of DIY and a casual vibe, everyone seemed right at home. Plus, don't miss the canine ring bearer in a shmancy top hat!


White Rabbit Photo Boutique: From Disneyland to your dream wedding

Jenna Henderson, of White Rabbit Photo Boutique, is a wedding photographer based in the Inland Empire, but totally willing to travel. She works closely with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and has had the opportunity to photograph weddings everywhere around Disneyland — from the Animation Building at California Adventure, to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and even a photo shoot at the Haunted Mansion. Wanna see some of those amazing shots? Of course you do! Let's follow White Rabbit Photo Boutique down that rabbit hole of awesome…


Pumpkin-unicorns, Nightmare before Christmas, tentacle rings, and other awesome wedding shit

I'm kicking off this week's Reader Round-up with pumpkin-unicorn card monster because "pumpkin-unicorn card monster." 'Nuff said. That shit is AWESOME. In fact, we have a lot more awesome shit for you this week. How about I show you an engagement ring that even Cthulhu would love, a Nightmare Before Christmas cake, Calvin and Hobbes action, and a bride enjoying her cocktail hour…


Spookily delicious Halloween wedding cakes

This Jason and Freddy Kruger wedding cake just blew my mind. It also made me think… what OTHER incredible Halloween-themed wedding cakes do we have in our archives. The answer: a shit ton and they're all impressive, a little bit spooky, and more than likely delicious.