A Renaissance fairy tale fantasy wedding

Let me introduce you to one of my fave kind of weddings: the Renaissance faire wedding! This one has it all: big turkey legs, a DRAGON CAKE, man braids, Ren faire garb, an Elsa-inspired dress, a horse-drawn carriage exit, a toast by the king and queen, and even a pike-arch entrance to the reception. This is royal as hell and we LOVE it.


Hanging chandeliers and cowboy boots at this Texas rock 'n' roll wedding

Kim and Jeremy planned a fabulously rustic and country-inspired wedding in iconic Luckenbach, Texas under century old pecan trees and chandeliers. From the bride's teal boots to the pair's epic ink, the fashion and beauty is clearly apparent. But when you see the gorgeous decor including the chandeliers hanging from white fabric, the Mason jar wine glasses, and the door frame ceremony entrance, you'll chant more more more. And we're going to give it to you. Get ready to be wowed.


This masquerade dragon wedding satisfies your inner khaleesi AND Disney princess

We're celebrating the release of Game of Thrones season six this week by featuring Andrew and Nicki's kick-ass masquerade dragon wedding. It was a combination of Disney, masquerade, renaissance, and fantasy and it made our geek-loving day. Don't miss the castle backdrop at the reception, the dragon cake, the bride's blue gown, and the groom's hobbit hole cake. Channel your inner khaleesi and Disney princess for this masquerade dragon wedding fabulousness.


Fantasy fandom mash-up: a Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings wedding

It's Hogwarts and Middle-earth combined to form a most heavenly, super DIYed, ultra geektastic wedding in the bride's hometown in Texas. Loads of time went into the handmade invitations, save-the-dates, favors, centerpieces, programs, menus, seating chart, boutonnieres, and KICK-ASS sword handle bouquets. Seriously, don't miss those. The couple rocked their Hogwarts houses all night on the dance floor and cut the cake with a huge axe. It was a hug axe fun time. Puns!