Emily & Raphael's handmade, community-centered Texas Hill Country picnic

A gazebo, a bier garten, a pizza and cake buffet, and the Texas Hill Country backdrop — this springtime wedding has my heart palpitating with glee. Loads of DIY projects went into this wedding and all the love and care totally shows. Plus, this couple's community totally came together to get it all ready. Don't miss their special kind of reception dance to "Teach Your Children Well," too!


Lindy & Aaron's Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki fantasy wedding

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli: today we've got your dream wedding! This pair pays homage to movies like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke, and more. Plus, they managed to smoosh in their love for lots of other fantasy and sci-fi awesomeness, too! Don't miss how the cake designer totally nailed the perfect complement to their Totoro cake.


Kyra & Zach's gothic "day and night"-themed wedding

The theme of this wedding is "day and night," which is perfectly represented by the colors (white suits and dark purple dresses!) and the cakes, and basically makes our gothic-loving hearts melt. Keep your eyes open for the bride's amazing hairstyle and color, black veils, special toast to the guests, and some killer dance moves from the groom, too!


Stomp your boots and holler for an Irish/Yankee/Texan wedding

Having been in the music business for more than 20 years, Chris and Carrie decided to play beautiful music together forever. They got married in a fantastic Irish/Yankee/Texas mashup of a wedding in Austin. The ceremony included a loving cup and a handfasting, both Irish traditions, and Chris wore a kilt. Carrie even had her dress designed to match her groom's kilt, with a wickedly unexpected peep of black trim.


Jill & Zach's cozy and chilly winter wedding

A Wai-Ching dress, a LEGO cake and unity ceremony, and a wayward doggie ring bearer — yep, sounds like our kind of wedding! Plus, you'll love the significance of the 799 paper cranes they made for decor. Click and see the flowing green dress and gorgeous Christian ceremony with just the right amount of customization in this backyard Texas celebration.


Rachel & Jacob's handmade community wedding

Adventure Time, pretty colors, handmade bouquets, and MINGLO — these two know what we like! You'll also swoon over the ombre cake, the unplanned ceremony make-out session, sweet letters to the bridesmaids, and the big dash to the door during "Bohemian Rhapsody."


Megan & John's Legend of Zelda geeky gamer union

Fire Flowers, MegaMan, Bob-omb, Mario, Link, and the making of player twos… this is a gamer geek's wonderland. You have to see the costumes, the 8-bit cakes, and of course, the TRIFORCE UNITY CEREMONY! Come geek out and get your game on. Just don't nibble the favor soap!


Natalie & Matthew's homebrewed kilted lakeside wedding

This pair may have never dreamed of their wedding much before planning it, but it's certainly become one of our dream weddings. With kilts, an emerald green dress, homebrewed beer, and Celtic wishing stones, it was pretty magical. But just wait until you see whose phone buzzed during the unplugged ceremony and the April Fool's prank they played on the guests!


Tina & Shadow's economical coastal tattooed wedding

Sun, sand, tattoos, and a black tulle dress… sounds like a perfect mix of bad-assery and flippin' beauty. Add in the sweet family-centered ceremony, bright pink hair, and delicious after-party, and we're in for an economical celebration of lurve. Plus, the matching flower girl dresses are sweet as pie.