Not all rainbows and glitter: 16 reasons dark wedding themes are glam AF

We love to feature rainbow weddings, whimsical weddings, sparkly beach weddings, but some offbeat weddings are dark, mysterious, and decidedly non-whimsical. That's when goth meets Halloween meets black dresses and jewel tones and Medieval-inspired venues.

Sometimes weddings are elegant and moody and so perfectly gorgeous. Let's take a peek at all kinds of goth and dark wedding themes and details…


A DIY viking wedding with a sword exchange

Angel and Shanti pulled from pagan, Christian, and viking traditions to create their amazing outdoor ceremony. Everything from the groomsmen sashes to the floral arrangements was DIYed. In a super badass move, the couple exchanged swords instead of rings.

Don't miss the natural wheat and log decor, the baby's breath-covered cake, and the cute and rustic lawn games…


Didn't love your wedding photos? This couple's post-wedding shoot turned regret into #goals

Sami and JJ had a large, formal wedding last May, but realized that their true vision wasn't really portrayed in their photos. Fear not: there's always a way to salvage the memories of that time, especially if you still have some gorgeous wedding garb and pretty scenery.

They decided to have a post-wedding shoot to celebrate the first few months of their marriage and snag a few amazing portraits along the way. The moral of the story is if don't love your photos, snag a few new ones in a post-wedding shoot and don't sweat it too much. Shall we see some killer post-wedding bliss?


Be blown away by this amazing DIY urban flavor and vintage frills wedding

You'll definitely get pulled in by the fashion at this urban flavor meets vintage frills wedding, but stick around because that's not all, folks. Just wait until you see the amazing venues, gorgeous DIYed huge paper flowers, awesome two-day schedule setup, vintage citrus hues, and more beauty than you'll be able to handle.