How to make a DIY bouquet display (or how I learned to not hide my hard work in a closet)

Now that you're married, you can start on the next chapter of your life: dealing with all of the stuff left over from your wedding! If you're anything like I am, you probably have some important items from your wedding you might not want to stick in a shoe box in the back of the closet quite yet. For me, it was my fantasy sword bouquet. Here's how I made a DIY bouquet display to keep it in view forever.

Celebrate your geeky love with a LARPers' sword arch!

We know we've got some Offbeat Brides in here who love to LARP, and have I got an idea for you!

Do what Faye did. Grab your LARP friends and give 'em a whisper when your partner isn't looking. "Pst. Yo. Bring your fave boffer sword to the ceremony." Mike was completely surprised when he and Faye's friends created a foam sword arch for their ceremony exit!


Lose yourself in the fantasy of a Renaissance Faire wedding

This is a Renaissance Faire wedding for the books, you guys. Cera and Gerrick said their vows last October in a medieval-style castle in New Hampshire. Of course, Gerrick wore a sword, and Cera had a beautiful corset made by her sister. But my jaw dropped when I saw that all their guests dressed to the nines for a Renaissance Faire wedding. We've got a jester and a knight and… is it weird that my favorites are the older ladies dressed in elaborate gowns and hats? Hell, that's what I want to wear when I'm 60.