Guacamole unity ceremony: How to work in a SNACK at the altar (with script!)

"Avocado is the foundation of one killer combo. It's filling and nutritious. They're best picked when ripe — when the time is right to be mashed together in delicious harmony." Yep, that's how this GUACAMOLE UNITY CEREMONY started. In the fine footsteps of the famed unity sandwich, this wedding in Mexico took the beloved snack and made it into delicious unity ceremony bliss with way more meaning than you might expect. Let's see the whole thing, script included…

Last-minute Halloween wedding idea: animal masks!

Whether your upcoming Halloween wedding is full of spooktastic details, pumpkins, and costumes or it's a more traditional wedding that happens to fall near Halloween, a last-minute Halloween wedding detail can be an unexpected twist. We're talking animal masks like Larke and Russell wore at their ceremony. Bonus: you can take the masks onto the dance floor for shenanigans and killer photo ops.