Sell the shit out of your wedding with a wedding sales flyer save-the-date

"HUGE SAVINGS of the date!" This sales flyer originally featured at Colleen and David ultra colorful wedding slayed us. Free booze! Free entertainment! SAVE SAVE SAVE the date! Are you loving this hilarious sales flyer save-the-date? So kitschy, so awesome, and it was sure to have given many chuckles to their guests.

Plus, they promised some killer free tote bags (we can't resist!) and they delivered, as you'll see below. It was tres funny.

Why a murder mystery rehearsal dinner is a KILLER idea for a wedding party

We got this idea from one of the most epic Halloween weddings we've featured, Sharon and Kevin's three-themed gothic wedding. We definitely got caught up in one of their ideas: a murder mystery rehearsal dinner! The best part of getting people into a themed party like this is that it's going to give guests a reason to talk to one another and let their guards down. Apparently they even kept up the characters after the party! Let's hear from Sharon on how it went down…