Practical guestbook is practical: Have guests sign a wine cork board

If you're like me (cough, cough, lazy as fuck), turn saved corks into a wine cork board to use as your guestbook! Save enough corks for each of your guests to sign, set them out at your wedding, and ta-da! Create your wine cork board later, and there you have a super practical guestbook ready for use in your newly wedded home!


Lay down the easiest outdoor ceremony decor ever: RUGS!

Looking for an easy ceremony decor idea that you don't have to craft yourself? Kimber and Kaylee opted to use a few cute little rugs to mark their ceremony spot and it looked ADORABLE. Plus, they were able to take the rugs home and be reminded of their ceremony every time they looked at them. Look for deals at thrift stores and places like Ikea.


Dedicate your bouquet instead of tossing it

Would you want to dedicate your bouquet to a loved one's memory instead of tossing it to your friends? You could just quietly leave your wedding bouquet in front of a loved one's photo at your reception or save it to place on a grave or at a shrine.