How André the Giant helped guests drive home safely

We're going to feature Emily and Branan's Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton wedding later this week, but I couldn't wait to share this impressive way to dissuade over-drinking and encourage safe driving at the reception. They used a little tidbit about the booze tolerance of the late and most amazing André the Giant, which if you've read this book like I have recently, you'd know all about! Let's see how they did it.


"Who'd wield the chainsaw during the zombie apocalypse?" and 11 other offbeat questions for The Shoe Game

Depending on your neck of the woods, you reaction to The Shoe Game could be anything from: "Oh, yeah, that game every couple plays at weddings around here" to "whoa, I've never heard of that! Tell me how to play NOW." But whether you've seen this game at weddings on the regular or Cait & Matt's wedding was the first you'd heard of it, we need to talk about what an Offbeat Bride Shoe Game would look like.


Add a science-y vibe to your ceremony with this mash-up reading

You'll be seeing a LEGO-themed wedding later in the week that will make any LEGO fan wet their pants with delight, but Jess and Mac also included some science into their ceremony instead of any religious readings that we couldn't resist previewing. This is a mash-up of different writings from the likes of Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Albert Einstein, and others. Put on your thinking caps and see if a reading like this is right for you!


Show your guests what you're made of with spice jar cake toppers

I've got a really lovely L.A. wedding in the works for you guys, BUT FIRST. I was so blown away by Patty and Ryan's creative-and-super-simple cake toppers that I couldn't wait. Had to show you all, so you could steal this idea for yourselves.

Spice jars that represent you and your partner. Brilliant! The couple added a tiny bow tie to Cinnamon Sugar and a cute little pink veil to Asian Seasoning as a nod to heritage. Fess up, people: what spices would represent you?


Instead of a bouquet, toss a Mario Kart shell at your friends

Amanda and Lee know what's up when it comes to nerdery. For their Washington wedding last April, they stole an idea for an alternative bouquet toss from a friend's wedding, and now we're telling you to steal it: instead of flowers, try lobbing a blue Mario Kart shell into an unmarried, all-gendered crowd! After all, as Amanda and Lee's friend put it originally: "For us nerds, there's one surefire way of telling who's in first place."


Use giant dice to show off your wedding date

Offbeat Bride member Cari and her fiance Matthias just sent out their Save the Date postcards for their wedding in Aachen, Germany. These two smart nerds came up with a crafty way to highlight their wedding date — by building their own giant dice and positioning them just so.


Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating

Kat and Earl injected their table assignments a little more personalization by using snapshots of their guests. While this might not work for large weddings, your small to medium-sized wedding could totally benefit from more photos of your guests' purty faces.


Screw rice — get showered in petals and glitter

So you want to be showered in tiny celebratory somethings when you say "I do." Well, some venues don't allow rice. And soap bubbles don't stick in hair and fall down cleavage, which, if we're honest, is really half the fun of confetti-like things. What's a festively weddinged couple to do? Flower petals! GLITTER. Ben and Tamasin asked their friends to bombard them with a mixture of both at their Australia campground wedding. Create your own floral sparkle shower or, you know, hit up some of our other confetti-esque ideas. We've got lots.