19 floral dresses for your bridesmaids OR you

Wedding flowers don't only go in vases. Splash 'em all over your wedding party! Yes, my friends, it is time that we discussed the awesomeness that is the floral bridesmaid dress. I've got 20 examples here of flowery dresses for your bridesmaids! Or, you know, for yourself. We're not huge into rules when it comes to dresses.


12 things wedding photographers want to tell you, but can't

Most wedding magazines will give you a list of questions to ask your wedding photographer… Can you describe your style? What equipment do you shoot with? Let's be real: Those questions are boring. And you probably don't actually care about the answers to those questions. So I surveyed some brides and photography-friends, and put together a list of all those questions you really want to ask, and all those things we really want you to know.