Sparkly silver wedding shoes for super snazzy feet

While white wedding shoes and blue wedding shoes are still some of the most popular colors for wedding footwear, we know that silver has taken its spot up there, too… and with good reason. Silver is essentially a neutral, it's sparkly, it's super fun, and there are tons of options due to its popularity.

Let's go shopping for awesome silver boots, silver wedding heels, silver Oxfords, and of course, silver wedding flats and wedges…


14 pairs of *slightly* more regular Irregular Choice wedding shoes

Last week, Catherine featured a pair of truly outlandish Star Wars Irregular Choice shoes. Now of course those are over-the-top and amazing, but here's the thing… not all Irregular Choice are that far off the charts. In fact, many of their styles run more towards just the "unique wedding shoe" end of the offbeat spectrum.

Today I'm going to put together a post of slightly more traditional Irregular Choice shoes. I mean… just slightly.