Sammye & Ashton's Southern eclectic waterfront elopement

During hectic wedding planning, sometimes it's nice to just rest your eyes on a simple, meaningful, no-frills ceremony like this one. These two didn't want to go over-the-top, but rather focus on sweet vows, their nearest and dearest, and their cherubic baby. Let's gaze at their tiny waterfront elopement.


Danielle & Andrew's 1920s-inspired tiny wedding

Just wait until you see this tiny wedding with some Velveteen Rabbit, a gorgeous black dress, a groom in a dapper top hat and coat, all with a cross-country, long distance plan. It may not have been their original intent, but we can't deny that it's a fabulous result. Don't miss the gothically delicious black feather and flower bouquet!


This couple took their own wedding photos in Yosemite National Park

Shawn and Marcie got married in the Oakland California Temple after being friends for 16 years and partners for nine. Marcie says, "When I say finally, it's like a FINALLY, married." Cameras aren't allowed inside, but photos still happened — courtesy of the couple themselves! Shawn and Marcie took a few images of their own reception before trekking five hours to Yosemite National Park where they did their own formal wedding portraits. They took turns behind the camera, even shooting in film! The results are intimate, personal, and (ahem) au naturale. Just saying you need to scroll to the very end.


Celebrate with this groom and his flower-loving, wheelchair-rocking bride

Let's talk about how lovely and glowy and stunning Kelly and Bart's Netherlands wedding is, shall we? First of all, there's the friggin light in their apartment while Kelly got ready for the day. Photographer Nadine van der Wielen said the weather alternated between stormy and sunny, and y'all know I love the light of a rainy wedding. Nadine also mentioned that Kelly has kind of a serious thing for flowers, which, will you notice the bedroom's wallpaper? Swoon. Flowers are everywhere here: in Kelly's hair, her fab bouquet, and being dumped by a flower girl (that last one's my favorite picture btw).


Janet & Phil's intimate tandem bike-themed wedding

Get ready for tandem bicycles, colored crinoline (with matching veil!), and the prettiest little backyard wedding we've seen in a while. It may be small, but it packs a punch in emotion. Don't miss their custom Cards Against Humanity deck, handmade flower bouquet, and major board game setup. These two are introverts, but it didn't stop them from sharing a lot of amazing non-spotlight time with those they love most. Learn from then, fellow introverts!


Jessie & Benjamin's yogi + Deadhead dream mountain wedding

Oh, rural mountain views… you tease us with your splendor and ability to lure in gorgeous tiny weddings like this one. Cowboy boots, acoustic guitars, and carrot cake await you. The flowers, campfire, and sunny weather just taunt you. And we're all falling in love with these sage-wielding, poem reading yogis and Deadheads.


Ian & Jonathon's laid-back wedding with cupcakes and vests

These two are killing it with cute. You have to see their green and blue matching vest outfits and the bride's pants outfit with heels and a feather hair clip. Though this wedding had some serious grief surrounding it, they were still able to have a fantastic time with immediate family, lots of rough-housing in the photos, and some carrot cake vows and Chapstick ceremony sweetness. Yep… Chapstick.


How many daughters does it take to pull off a lacy, rose-strewn Western wedding?

Christine and Jim married each other on a private residence in Washington, surrounded by just 13 loved ones. Old-fashioned Western romance is simply everywhere you look: Christine's lace dress was made from a repurposed Quaker tablecloth (how cool is that!); huge, pale roses show up in everything from bouquets to paper cones for confetti; her daughters surprised her by wearing matching peach lace; even the candy boxes had lace hankies!