A high-low dress at a rainy wedding keeps things sexy, not soggy

Sasha and Albert have known each other since high school. They live in New York City, their families live in New Jersey, and everyone traveled to Vermont for the couple's wedding last August. North Hero was a favorite vacation spot for Sasha and Albert, and it certainly doesn't look to me like they minded braving a chilly, rainy day at the lake! And how absolutely spot on is Sasha's dress for a tall bride on a drizzly day? Showing off the legs + not worrying about a soggy hem = winning!


Watch this Wisconsin couple get married THEN run 26.2 miles in a veil and vest

Veronica and Sage took their formal wedding portraits the evening before the big race. They followed up the photo shoot (and don't they look gorgeous?) with an intimate dinner with a few close loved ones. The next morning, they took their places at the start of Wisconsin's Whistle Stop Marathon where they said their vows in a more athletic set of wedding clothes. Forget carrying your partner over the threshold — Sage carried Veronica over the finish line!


Bringing the glamour to a North Carolina courthouse wedding

When your courthouse only does weddings at 11 a.m., your photographer might be ridiculously excited for a gray, overcast day to tone down that overhead sun. Alisha and Brian braved North Carolina's November chill to pose for some dreamily romantic photos after they said their vows at Durham Courthouse.


Erica & Sean's peaceful and elegant guests-included elopement

These two cuties were originally torn between a large shindig and a private elopement, but instead settled on an intimate tiny wedding with a few of their nearest and dearest. Plus, they introduced Indian food to a few newbies, which is always worthwhile. But the best part of all was their ceremony. Take a peek at their special reading and awesome ring vows.


Jess & Casey's dark, snowy fairytale in the mountains wedding

We don't even know where to start with this gorgeous shindig in the mountains of Colorado. You HAVE to see the dark, elegantly goth fashion (and makeup on the bride and groom), the nature-sourced, video game and movie-themed decor (Skyrim! Game of Thrones! Snow White and the Huntsman!), the snow-capped backdrops, and super awesome guest book idea that we've never seen before.