Sammye & Ashton's Southern eclectic waterfront elopement

During hectic wedding planning, sometimes it's nice to just rest your eyes on a simple, meaningful, no-frills ceremony like this one. These two didn't want to go over-the-top, but rather focus on sweet vows, their nearest and dearest, and their cherubic baby. Let's gaze at their tiny waterfront elopement.


No-one missed any of the extras: I was a guest at a no-frills wedding

This wedding was held on a campground in the mountains. The couple was married in a small amphitheater and the 40-50 guests sat on logs surrounding them. There was no bridal party. The bride did not carry flowers. Dinner was Mexican food in the lodge, the cakes were pre-made by a beloved local bakery. I think the sole decorations were blue and white plastic table covers in the lodge, a single string of colored Christmas lights around the basketball court. And guess what? No one missed any of the extras.


Super-low-key, super-urban, rooftop wedding in Brooklyn

Kelly and Steve married each other on the roof of their apartment building in Brooklyn last August, complete with a jaw-dropping sunset for a the background. Only a few close loved ones attended this super-small, super-low-key, super-urban affair — which also included their dog. Throw in a few twinkle lights around the balcony after dark, and hello magical urban-evening rooftop.


A small town, small chapel, huge love South African wedding

Conny and Felix are Germans living in Sydney, Australia who love Cape Town, South Africa. Got it so far? Conny's mother lives in the nearby small town of McGregor and hosted this gorgeous party for the pair after their official ceremony in Germany. And boy, was the scenery alone worth the travel! Watercolor-faded mountain lines in the horizon, a sweet little chapel underneath a canopy of trees, and ocean blue stained glass… paradise!


Liz & David's last-minute beach elopement

We love this wedding because it is a total reality check: getting married across oceans is challenging, last-minute elopements can be super meaningful, and you don't have to believe the Pinterest hype. And you CAN beat the thunderstorms if you time it right! Come fall in love with this wedding and its beachy, bald eagle guest-goodness.


Heather & Johnathan's nerdy summer picnic wedding

These two had some interesting dilemmas: managing expectations from a very Catholic family and a not-so-Catholic family, balancing the needs of disabilities and the recovery community, and having a super low budget. But we can all learn from this bride's kick-ass attitude about keeping things accessible and authentic! Plus, we're totally behind any wedding that ends with a D&D campaign.


Heather & Marty's six-guest cultural center and city tour wedding

This pair took serious advantage of the awesome locales in their new city of Chicago. After a $10(!!) cultural center ceremony and an amazing brunch with their immediate family, they traversed the urban terrain for a super fun portrait session. This is the ultimate combination of intimacy, budget-friendly, and bonding with a new city. And a ring snafu at the ceremony turned out to have a really sweet solution.


Andrea & Matthew's simple lakeside wedding weekend

This week we're letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! Today's couple wanted a fun weekend of roller skating, kayaking, and of course, a wedding by the shore. You'll definitely want to see whose legs had potential to freak everyone out, and who did an epic 60-person high-fiving spree.


A bowler-hatted London wedding with a three-hour tour

Vanessa and Osiris are originally from Venezuela, and now live and work in London. They planned a three-part event around London to show their global guests (from Venezuela to LA and beyond) some gorgeous sights in the place they love. From ceremony to a three hour boat cruise with a cream tea, to rockin' reception, everything was lovely and sweet and delicious food was everywhere.