Mel & Tevis' crafty vegan space wedding

This couple had some twists that threw some family members for a loop, they're secular, vegan, and genderqueer. But after embracing all of these characteristics, the pair felt like themselves which made them feel AWESOME. Don't miss the D20 glass-clinking alternative, the memorial bouquet charms, puzzle guestbook, tons of DIY projects, and the best quote about hips you'll read today… guaranteed.


Karen & Michelle's "love, joy, and happiness" blue celebration of love

Blue details, a blue dress, a blue vest, and touches of red… this multi-hued wedding is something fabulous to look at, but also something that may get your tear ducts going. This pair shines in every shot. Their April wedding may not have been a legal ceremony, but a little miracle happened and well, you'll just have to see how it all went down after that.


Chris & Jeremy's lakeside family reunion wedding

If this bride looks a little familiar, it's because she's our rad Assistant Editor of Offbeat Bride! Let's see what this family reunion wedding has in store for us: a beautiful crystalline lakeside venue in Western Nebraska, a chalkboard program and menu, deer just wandering around, and two gorgeous people in lurve. Don't miss the sure-fire way to beat the pre-ceremony nerves, too!


It's a New York elopement complete with carousel for these two brides

Leana and Ally hail from Florida, but they chose to elope to New York City for their wedding last July. They said their vows in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with a jaw-dropping view of the NYC skyline. After teary kisses (sigh, my favorite), Leana and Ally trotted all over the city with photographer Sascha Reinking in tow. Chelsea Market, the Highline, the Meatpacking District… and what New York elopement is complete without a photo or two in Grand Central?

But, while every photo of these two loving New York City is fun and gorgeous, I absolutely love that they took a few minutes to chill on a carousel. Fucking magical.


Wendy & Colin's bookish school house wedding

This week we're celebrating the tea-length, the mini, and the cocktail — that's right, it's short dress week! Today we've got a couple of voracious readers getting bookishly wed in an adorable two-room school-house complete with book page flowers, "yay" flags, and a really sweet tribute to the grandparents.


Melissa & Daniel's hometown nerd-lite shindig

A few dice favors, some zergling pie toppers, and a chic warehouse-y venue — there is some seriously awesome nerd glam going on here. Don't miss the delicate greenery details in all of the decor (all DIYed!), the massive amount of teeny tiny pies, and the photo booth photos which are totally heading for blackmail land.